Mobile theme has changed from dark to light. What do you prefer?


Some weeks ago the theme on the mobile template for my blog changed from light to dark.  Numerous readers complained that made it more difficult to read text, particularly highlighted items.

I think I figured out how to change it back to a light background.  If you’re using a mobile device, does that work for you?  Is it more readable?  Please let me know in Comments, so I can continue to fiddle with it if necessary.




  1. Light will be preferable for most, but I should point out that in most browsers you can override colors for text and background if you need to.

  2. No text highlighted, so I hard to compare,

    The dark background highlights I could not read.

    Besides the highlights being unreadable the dark looked cool.

    Viewing on an iPhone.

  3. With dark any highlighted sections are unreadable Peter and the rest of the text is way clearer with light background too

  4. I won't try to convince you to go back to dark. It seems plenty like staring into light bulbs. That's why I use something that lets me invert the colors so I can have my sanity back. Then, I find most 'mobile' versions annoy me and use the 'desktop' override as well.

  5. Peter, the iPhone version seems to be grey. While that is much better than the previous dark (black) background, white would be best.

  6. I prefer dark background especially when reading in the dark; I can lower the brightness a lot and still be able to read and do not disturb the missus. It is also easier on the eyes and will not kill night vision as badly.
    My Kindle book setting has been setup for dark for a long time.
    Change the highlight color, when dark, to something with more contrast.

  7. I much prefer the white or beige background. Two blogs went to dark and I no longer read them. Too hard on old eyes.

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