More 3D printed houses, with some unique designs

A project in the Netherlands is pioneering a new design of 3D “printed” house, using concrete “frothed” to the consistency of whipped cream.  It’s called Project Milestone.  You can read more about it at the link;  and here’s a video report.

Looks interesting from the outside, but I hope the interiors would have more in the way of straight lines and squared-off corners . . . otherwise getting furniture to fit against the walls will be interesting, to put it mildly!



  1. Back in the 70s I read an article in a magazine (there were photos of the finished product) about a project by an Afghani born, American educated engineer who developed the technology to improve the tradtional mud brick homes common in Afghanistan.
    The homes were laid up, as usual, with mud bricks. IIRC, the roofs were domed.
    The doorways and window openings were temporarily bricked in.
    The kitchen counter areas were sprayed with a slurry comprised, mostly, of ground Coca-Cola bottles.
    The whole structure was vetrified by a kerosene fired heating system that was placed inside the house prior to bricking up the doorway.
    A sort of reverse kiln.
    The ground glass melted and glazed the kitchen counter tops.
    I have heard no more about this system, but it would take a LOT of BTUs to maintain a temperature high enough and long enough to vetrify a mass that large.
    An interesting idea.

  2. Maybe for those backyard "homes" for the homeless recommended by some idiot who apparently did not consider stuff like water, sewage and electricity.

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