More about the .22LR’s defensive capability

A couple of years ago I wrote about the “.22LR as a defensive round“.  I argued that the lowly .22 was underrated for self-defense purposes, and that with good ammunition and proper shot placement, it could still serve that purpose.  I recommended CCI Velocitor as my primary choice of ammunition for that application.

Now, courtesy of Wirecutter, we find this video, illustrating what happens when that round is shot into a chuck roast at 300 yards’ range.  The results are impressive, and (I think) bear out my earlier recommendations.  See for yourself.  (I recommend watching in full-screen mode for best results.)

Admittedly, those shots were fired from a rifle, not a handgun:  but their reduced velocity at long range was less than the same bullet would attain if fired from a handgun at defensive distances.  That’s outstanding performance for such a small round.



  1. Anything that puts a hole in you can kill you, and that's the bottom line. Just because a .45 does MORE damage doesn't mean that a .22LR doesn't do ANY damage.

    I'd rather have a fist-full of a 22LR revolver than nothing. Five or six rounds center mass will stop a LOT of criminal activity, should the need arise.

  2. While Peter has vastly more experience than I do, when talking about the .22 for defense I always remember an article some years ago about a fellow from Utah touring New York who was shot by a .22 through the heart by a goblin on a subway platform and chased his murderer down and subdued him before dying. While much better than nothing, I would prefer not to rely on it to stop an attack (as opposed to killing the attacker).

  3. While not the preferred round for defensive use, a .22 beats the snot out of harsh language. As long as two points are remembered.
    1. Multiple, accurate rounds, and
    2. Eye sockets.
    That will hopefully do the job, if needed. CHEERS!

  4. 22LR is the most murdering single round in North America.

    Also… this is a roast that is going bad. people are more like fresh roast. So, these results are invalid.

    1. I don't even… "…so these results are invalid." Seriously? Troll harder, please. *shakes head in disbelief*

  5. Wow! First, hits with a 22LR at 300 yards is good shooting. So, kudos to them for that.

    The point being made is that 22LR is certainly a lethal round at any reasonable distance. Accuracy and penetration being the most important values in terminal ballistics, I think your point is well made, Peter.

    1. I'm confused…what's a less dangerous option than .22? .177 air rifle pellets, maybe? But an air rifle handles very differently from a firearm…great for learning accuracy, though. God bless! 🙂

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