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On Monday morning I put up an article titled “Yet again, police act against someone defending himself“.  It described how an Antifa mob in Salem, OR deliberately targeted a pickup truck;  and when the driver drew a firearm to try to defend himself, the police arrested him, not the rioters.  It’s enough to make your blood boil.

I also linked to some previous articles I’ve written, pointing out that the justice system and law enforcement can no longer be assumed to be on your side.  Too often, in too many places, they’re biased towards criminals, whether under orders or not.  The Salem incident is yet more evidence of that.

The anonymous blogger at The Patrol Base offers this perspective on what we saw.  Those with military combat training and/or experience will immediately recognize much of what he says.

Every patriot needs to watch this and get angry. Antifa and the police working together side by side to bring down one man. I hate watching and writing about this ****. It is horrible to watch, but we must face the truth. This is reality.

. . .

I had a few ideas as I watched this. I am certainly not dogging the man for anything he did. I am just thinking out loud as I watch this video. Take it or leave it:

1. Don’t make yourself a target. You do not live in a country of laws anymore so act like it. American flags, loud stickers, and even veteran signs invite trouble depending on your AO. Wear them if you want but be ready to be a target. Act accordingly.

2. Don’t get out of your vehicle unless you absolutely must. Think of it like reacting to an ambush, push through the kill zone first. YOU NEVER STOP IN THE KILL ZONE!!! They want you to stop there so they can escalate the fight in their own way. Don’t fight on the battlefield they choose. Never fight in the kill zone.

3. 0:28: Never walk into a crowd of people, no matter how big or small it is. If you made the mistake of stopping and getting out, keep an obstacle (the truck) between you and them. In this case, instead of the truck being an obstacle to the mob, it is used as a screen to allow the mob to escalate the fight on their terms.

4. If pepper sprayed, break contact immediately. GTFOOT. Get the **** out of there. You know you are being filmed and in their kill zone. Slip away, Airborne! Leave your truck if you must. The times are changing fast. The mob is allowed to attack you. You are not allowed to defend yourself. Drawing your weapon to make a stand is your last resort and if you do, have the mindset to be ready to use it. A mob which thinks you will not shoot will not have remorse as they literally rip you apart limb by limb. I have seen other countries Special Forces units which were not ready for the ferocity of the mob. Sure, they backed off, but not very far.

5. 0:50: The crowd smells blood as their police allies moves in to finish the fight. With the threat gone, the crowd also moves closer. The cops arrest another innocent man (and apparent Vietnam veteran by the decal on his vehicle) as crowd cheers and jeers. If this continues down the path we are going then eventually the police will leave that man with the crowd and back away because they know they will be next. The Iraqi’ mobs like to cut off heads and dicks. I wonder if the American communists will do the same?

That is really all I can watch. Too much anger, hate, and disgust. It makes me angry that an American Marine Vietnam Veteran (if the stickers on his vehicle are correct) is being treated this way by two different communists units, and one state sanctioned! Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I guess the last bit of advice is to get yourself a dash camera or body cam if you are going to engage with these people. The camera phone has become the rifle in this new version of warfare that is being waged in America. It is always better to have your point of view filmed and documented because you know theirs will be. And they have the backing of the entire system. Always avoid contact and deescalate unless on your home field. Only then is it speed, surprise, and violence of action. Silence, violence, silence. And don’t remember nothing. Always have a Ranger buddy. Good luck out there, we all need it. Raptor 2, out.

There’s more at the link.

In general, that’s good advice.  It may not always be possible to “drive through the kill zone”, because you may find a mob deliberately blocking your path, daring you to drive over them.  They know that will make you a criminal in the eyes of the law, and they know you know it too.  In such a situation, they hold the whip hand – or so they think.

I can’t tell you what to do in such a situation, particularly because many potential responses skirt the edges of the law, and may go beyond it.  Nevertheless, it’s essential that we all think about them beforehand.  If we get caught up in a mess like that, what will we do?  What equipment should we have with us?  How should we use it?  Where should we go?  What should be our reaction or response to rioters – and to law enforcement officers?  The more we think ahead of time, the better we can respond if we’re affected by such events.

Basic take-aways from this incident:

  • Have at least a forward-looking dash cam, if not 360 degree coverage all around your vehicle.  If the enemy will be filming you for possible evidence in court, do the same to them.  You may need it.
  • Have less-than-lethal defenses handy.  A tire knocker or big wrench next to your door may be useful, as might pepper spray or gel (provided you can use it without it being blown back into the cab, and into the faces of those inside – that’s why gel might be a better option than spray).  Remember, too, that in a really dangerous situation, you’re driving a vehicle with a heck of a lot more mass (and momentum) than any bullet.  A firearm is a last-resort tool in such situations.
  • Understand up front that your race and/or appearance may make you a target of such hooligans, as may your choice of vehicle and how you’ve decorated it.  Be prepared to respond accordingly.  If possible, be a “gray man”.
  • Don’t try to talk to the mob, or try to stop them damaging your vehicle.  Damage can be fixed.  If they begin attacking it, you have a valid excuse to leave the scene by driving off.  “I was in fear of my life, and the damage to my vehicle proves that the threat was real” – particularly if you record them on camera inflicting it.  If, in the process of getting away from that danger, you have no choice but to drive over or through your attackers, their actions will provide a strong defense to counter any charges against you that may result.
  • Your vehicle will probably be registered to you, or (if, for example, you hired it) records can link it to you.  Your features are probably already stored in facial recognition computer systems.  Once such identifying elements are on camera, you’re not going to get away with anything.  Therefore, try to remain off camera as far as possible, but behave as if you’re being filmed all the time.  Don’t let the cameras catch you doing anything that might get you into trouble later.  A face mask and sunglasses might not be a bad idea at all – and anti-COVID-19 measures make the mask easier to explain, if that should become necessary.
  • Understand that some people aren’t willing to be reasonable, or talk about their issues.  They’re looking for trouble, and more than willing to start it.  Don’t descend to their level, and don’t try to debate with them at that level.  Get out of their way.  If they make that impossible, respond accordingly.  They’ve brought the consequences on themselves.  Just make sure you understand, ahead of time, what the consequences might be for you as well.

It’s a nasty, violent world out there.  Be prepared.



  1. Thanks again for another very useful lesson to those who are open to hearing it. It's been said before on these pages, the very good advice from Massad Ayoob about how to avoid mob violence: "DON'T BE THERE!"
    It is true that I violate my own grey man OPSEC by sporting a bumper sticker (custom made) that says: "Trump Won! You know damn well he did!" While I like it a lot, I'm thinking just now that I need to prep a cover for it to duct tape in place for those times and places where I leave it unattended in a wrong neighborhood.

  2. Swimming goggles can protect your eyes from pepper spray. Figure that if you have a functional gas mask you will be prosecuted for a list of offenses. Best to not be there.

  3. Shorter, simpler takeway:
    1) There are no laws.
    2) The police are your enemy.

    Act accordingly, in every sense.

  4. For your first bullet point, dash cams are available for around 50 to 60 bucks. I will always have one in my vehicle, as I often am alone in the car.

  5. When are people going to understand that the sight of a weapon, even a gun, is not a deterrent to bad behavior by thugs?

    Hell, even dead bodies at your feet doesn't seem to matter to some of them (Kyle Rittenhouse, anyone?). I EXPECT to fire a gun if I unholster it, and the BGs had better be VERY quick at bailing to avoid collecting their deserved portion of lead. The world has changed, at least here in the US. Pay attention!

  6. Any recommendations on dash cams?

    I’m also afraid of it being stolen, and needing to store it in the give compartment when parked.

  7. Ray-SoCal,
    $100 or so on Amazon, High def video on a 24 hour loop. Then it overwrites previous loop. Puts it on a micro SD card. I leave mine up all the time and it's never been bothered as most thugs figure it is streaming. Some models replace your rear view mirror and record front and rear.

  8. Ray – SoCal, I use one called Black Box G1W. It suction cup mounts to the windshield, power cord is long enough to route around the windshield. Only thing is, it is supposed to record for 5 minutes after shutting the car off, that doesn't work so well. Other than that, it works great for $55. It records in 5 minute segments, and when the card is full it starts overwriting from the beginning. It has impact detection so it won't overwrite the piece that has the impact on it.

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