More about that strike aircraft crash

Thanks to reader ‘a bear’ for providing the link to this article about the crash of that Sukhoi Su-34 last year, about which I posted a video earlier today.  Here’s a picture of the plane at the end of the runway.  Click the image for a larger view.

There’s more at the link.  Looks like it was a wild ride!

According to another commenter, speaking of the Russian-language exchanges heard on the video recording, “As soon as he lands, the air traffic controller is saying ‘brake, brake, BRAKE!’ ”  Clearly, those instructions weren’t obeyed;  but fortunately, the two crew members escaped with light injuries.  The aircraft wasn’t so lucky.



  1. Yes, he definitely DIDN'T follow the motorcyclists maxim of keeping the rubber side down!
    I'm pleasantly surprised that the aircraft is in that good of a condition after an accident.

  2. Their claim of lack of drag chute seems mistaken. You can see it laying on the ground behind the aircraft, with the shrouds draped off the side of the tail.

    It's possible that it didn't fully deploy, or just streamed. If that was the case, you do NOT want to attempt a go-around without releasing the chute first. That would REALLY ruin your day!

    Wonder what he's been doing for the last year?

  3. When I viewed the video I wondered how much they salvaged off of the airframe. But after viewing the photo's the fuselage and wings look pretty good. So now I wonder if they scrapped it or rebuilt it.

  4. Nice ground-loop…

    At a guess, the pilot needed to crawl or walk – soggily – back to the nearest medical facility, 'cause no one would let him into their vehicle with his pants so full of rectal and bladder "contents" – either that, or he's expended most of the time since that "shunt" trying to get un-constipated due to having a "butt-pucker" so tight you couldn't drive an icepick thru it with a sledgehammer…

    Wilmington, NC

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