More Bollywood over-the-top fight action

(A quick note:  it’s been pointed out that the clips I’ve shown in this latest series, at least so far, are from Telegu-language movies, which are known as “Tollywood” in India, rather than “Bollywood“, which is technically a reference to Hindu-language films.  However, here in the West, “Bollywood” has become a catch-all description for all Indian films;  so I’ll continue to use it in that sense.)

This excerpt, from the movie Sarrainodu, is about as over-the-top as any I’ve ever seen, from two perspectives.  One is the punishment the hero absorbs before he starts to fight back.  I’m here to tell you, if that had been real rather than staged, he’d be at least half-dead, if not actually expired, and wouldn’t be able to fight back at all!  The second is the way he fights back:  completely unrealistic, a dance with guns and knives rather than a real fight.  Nevertheless, it’s entertainment, so we’re expected to suspend disbelief.

I don’t think Hollywood would dare make that as a “straight” movie.  It’d be laughed out of the cinema!



  1. S l o w l y
    Do not navigate to Bollywood videos.
    Keep your hands where away from the mouse.
    For your health, take a nap.


  2. Wow, once Allu Arjun's character started going ham on the bad guys that was hilarious! The sound effects totally make it. That concrete floor had some amazing "give" to it….

    *Wonders if a scene from "Singham" will make it in to the series.*

    *Or John Abraham's final fight scene in "Rocky Handsome"*

    *Or scenes from "Baaghi" for that matter*


  3. Both this one and the last one you posted would not play on your blog, only on Youtube itself. Can you look into a way to fix that? Or provide a link instead of embedding it?

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