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I’m pleased to report that ‘Brings The Lightning‘ is now available in a paperback edition, as well as its original e-book and later hardcover editions.  This is the first of my books that’s available in all three formats, and it won’t be the last.  Castalia House and Vox Day have done a great job, including hiring freelance assistance to increase their throughput, and are planning to offer hardcover and paperback formats for most of their books as quickly as they can feed them through the system.  That’s pretty impressive for a small publisher – in fact, I don’t know of a single large publisher that offers the same variety and flexibility of formats to almost all its authors.  Well done, those people!

I’m working on the fifth volume of the Maxwell Saga, ‘Stoke the Flames Higher’.  It’s taking longer than I would have wished, and I’m hitting some roadblocks, but I’m also making progress.  God willing, I expect it to be out within the next six to eight weeks.

After that, it’ll be the third and final volume of the Laredo War Trilogy, ‘Knife to the Hilt’.  Expect that towards the end of the year.  I’m also pleased to announce that the Laredo Trilogy won’t be the end of that story arc.  There are some interesting plans afoot and discussions under way for a follow-on trilogy, set a couple of decades later.  I’ll have more to say about that in due course.

Thanks for being patient.  It’s a lot of hard work to produce so much, so quickly, particularly given delays over the past year caused by ill-health.  (This time a year ago, I was rolling around in agony trying to deal with a kidney-stone!)  I don’t want to make everyone wait years for the next volume, as seems to be happening to at least one (very) well-known series right now!  I’ll do my best.



  1. That's great news! And I LOVE the cover for the next in the Maxwell series.

    I understand the time off – I took a year off from book two to start book 3 so my husband wasn't stuck in the man cave with power tools EVERY weekend.

    We'll wait for your next one – it's worth it!

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