More Norwegians with explosives

Yesterday I put up a video clip from a Norwegian TV show whose title translates as something like “Don’t do this at home”.  It was well received, so here’s another.

I’m sure most of my readers know about home-made rockets, consisting of a water-filled container that’s pressurized with air.  When the pressure is suddenly released, the container takes off like a rocket.  The Norwegian team decided to do the same thing with an extra-large, extra-long steel container and fire it through a house, releasing the pressure by the judicious use of explosives.  (They do seem to use an awful lot of det cord on that program – take a look at their YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean.)

Boys and their toys, indeed!



  1. Okay, I got a question, is this just a Caucasian thing or universal to the species. Why do we get just as big, maybe even bigger, buss out of destroying something as creating something?

    NFO, I have a feeling that's the part they didn't film.

  2. My guess about the use of Det Cord is that there are similar rules to Britain's. During the Troubles access to demolitions explosive became much more controlled and harder to access. The rules for detcord did not change as much. Since detcord is really just a thin tube of explosives the manufactures started to make really really fat detcord and people started to just bundle up a bunch to use as the actual explosive. There was a documentary series on netflix or hulu called The Detonators and in one episode they were working with some brits. They drilled down the long edge of a concrete wall and put in about 10 or 15 loops of detcord at each site to drop the building. They said there was less paperwork to just work with detcord than to use normal packaged explosives.

  3. I wouldn't mind playing like that as I love me 'splodey! Getting Det Cord in the US is a bit chancy, though. Even as a Professional Engineer it ain't easy. C4 is almost impossible to get, and that's my favorite explosive.

  4. When I next see my Grandsons (2xteenagers,1×7 year old), I'm gunna say, "Hey, come and see some MAN STUFF"!.

  5. @ Judy – Stacey Loizeaux, the late Jack Loizeaux's daughter, is one of the principals of Controlled Demolition, Inc., acknowledged experts in the use of explosives to demolish all sorts of things; girls like to blow stuff up, too.

  6. Question to Recce explosive pyromaniac during course on explosives and booby traps, circa 1972.
    "Can you cut down a pine tree using det cord?"
    Yes you can… 5 turns works fine… just don't do it to one of the RSM's favorite trees around the parade ground…
    The RSM only got tired around midnight giving us an oppie of note… 😉

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