Mountain photography that makes me go ‘Wow!’

The Daily Mail has published a series of photographs by Jack Brauer.

These incredible pictures displaying the reflection of several mountain ranges throughout North and South America as well as Italy, may at first appear to be digitally enhanced, but have in fact been captured without any digital enhancement.

. . .

‘I think it’s important to celebrate the beauty of pristine nature, especially nowadays when more and more of the planet is being covered with cement and smog.

‘Reflections provide a perfect visual symmetry that is otherwise difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere in nature.

‘The reflections add another dimension to the photos – they transform the scene into an abstract pattern that reveals the “essence” of the landscape.

‘In other words, when you view a normal landscape you can be too much accustomed to the reality and normality of the earth – even if it is a dramatic and wonderful scene.

‘But when you see the mirror image of the landscape below it, there’s a kind of detachment from solid-earth reality and all that’s left are shapes, colours, and textures of the landscape.’

There’s more at the link, including more and much larger photographs. Many more may be found at Mr. Brauer’s Web site. Fascinating and highly recommended viewing.



  1. Love these photos – his site is full of such beauty. I'd love to visit the place in the lower photo on this post. LOVE it. 🙂

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