Move over, Kama Sutra – it’s time for the Archisutra!

Caution:  mildly NSFW content below the break.

Trust an architect!

London-based architect Miguel Bolivar recently released his side project Archisutra, an architecture and design take on the Kama Sutra. This manual gives you all the data with annotated scale drawings and informative descriptions including categorizations of ‘Typical Location’ and ‘Sustainability’. Each position is inspired by an iconic building and often incorporates the use of designer furniture.

(Below is an example from the book. The anatomically correct drawing has been omitted, for obvious reasons.  Click the image for a larger view.)

Bolivar explains the project arose from questioning how sex should be considered in design, and furthering the idea that architecture should be centered around human life.

There’s more at the link.

I’d never considered architecture to be a necessary element of one’s sex life . . . but I suppose it could be justified, if one’s bent on getting a better angle on the subject.  Then again, that could put more than just noses out of joint!




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