My first anniversary

One year ago today, on May 14th, 2013, I published my first novel, ‘Take The Star Road‘.  It was followed by a sequel two months later, and by a non-fiction memoir of prison chaplaincy two months after that.  The third novel in my military SF series followed in February this year.

It’s been twelve months of enormously hard work, but also worthwhile rewards.  Last week I passed the 25,000 sales mark, a fitting climax to my first year as a self-published author.  That gives me a target for future improvement.  If, as a complete unknown, I can sell that many books in one year, why not strive for twice as many in my second year on the market?  I’ll accept my own challenge, and try to sell 50,000 books between now and May 14th next year.  Let’s see how it goes.

I owe all of you, my readers and friends, an enormous debt of gratitude for your support.  I’m really glad so many of you like my books, and I can’t thank you enough for buying them and recommending them to your friends.  It’s been estimated that of the (literally) millions of self-published books now on the market, fewer than one in a thousand will achieve significant sales, and fewer than one in ten thousand will reach best-seller status.  Thanks to you, I’ve already achieved the ‘significant sales’ milestone more than once.  Now to see if I can further improve the quality of my writing, and my marketing efforts, to the point that I can join the ranks of bestselling authors!

Thanks again, friends.  I couldn’t have done this without you.



  1. Thanks yourself, for sharing so much through this blog and for writing such fun books. I love the Maxwell universe, and I'm looking forward to seeing it from a different perspective. Also, the prison memoir gave me a lot to think on.

    Congratulations on having such a successful year! I hope the next year does even better 🙂

  2. What TheAxe said. And for the record, we wouldn't be buying your books if they weren't any good. You're the one doing the heavy lifting, so to speak. And thank you for doing it so well!

  3. Peter, congratulations! I know what's like to put that kind of effort into a book. I can only hope I'll hit that milestone one day.

  4. I've loved your blog for a couple years now, but never commented before. I bought all 4 books for my Kindle a couple weeks ago. I've just started reading the prison book. I did my internship for paralegal at the local jail. You write very well & the chapters just put me right back inside those walls! I'm looking forward to getting into the Maxwell series after this. Thank you for sharing your talents here and in your books.
    {waves lighter}

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded Book 1, after reading the sample on Amazon. Enjoying it!

  6. Congratulations, Peter. You've worked hard to get where you are, and I'm positive you'll go as far as you want to.

    Just keep cranking them out and we'll keep buying them.

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