My library is now a blog meme?

I had to smile to see that our friend Cedar Sanderson has immortalized (or should that be pictorialized?) my library on her blog.

She and her husband, Sanford, were our guests a few days ago, and she found our bookshelves fascinating.  I had to tell her that they were far fewer in number than when we lived in Nashville.  I disposed of two-thirds of my collection of books before we moved down here, largely for logistics reasons, and I now try to keep things within the bounds of our existing bookshelves.  If we outgrow them, I cull books until they all fit into them once more.  It’s a hard discipline to follow for book-lovers, but it’s vital if we’re to live in the same house as our books!  Fortunately e-books don’t take up space, so our electronic library grows by leaps and bounds.

If you click over to Cedar’s article, you’ll note that she was particularly taken with my “Don Camillo” books, dating back to the 1950’s.  They chronicle the life, times and (mis)adventures of a country priest in Italy.  They’re beloved favorites, and had a big influence on me from my childhood.  Don Camillo may have had more than a little to do with why I became a pastor.

To my great pleasure, all the original books, plus a lot of new material, are now available as e-books as well as print editions.  I highly recommend them.  I think I’ll do an excerpt from them for the next Saturday Snippet, to whet your appetite.



  1. I liked the Don Comillo books a lot as well. Read them in High School in the sixties. I'm glad to see they are available again.

  2. The BBC has done many of the Don Camillo stories as radio plays. Very satisfying. They made clever use of UK regional accents to differentiate Don Camillo and the villagers

  3. Don Camilo
    Never knew of all the internal conflicts in the Mediterranean eanuntil I read don Camilo and some writings about Greece
    Apparently the nazis were not the only problem

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