1. I want one!!! This is even better than my retractable pancake turner catapult to flip cars over the back of me so they get the hell out of my way.

  2. Hey Peter;

    Remember that scene in Goldeneye where Bond takes that tank through traffic chasing the bad guy….That is what I was thinking of….

  3. Keep that design in mind for the apocalypse. When everyone ends up abandoning their cars during the evacuation and you need to move down that highway. Wonder what that would do one of the bridges coming out of NYC?

  4. If you look closely when I roll up behind you, you will see pikes protruding from just below the grill. Then I have side arms a la Ben Hur in his chariot. Death to tyrants and those who support them.

  5. It would have been useful if they had done the same thing with double rows of vehicles on each side (4 total). That would cover the potential scenario for most roads.

    They also need to try it at various speeds. I suspect that there is a minimum speed needed to move them, and it would be higher with 4 rows.

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