“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – and they’re not


Winston Churchill used that phrase during World War II.  More recently and notoriously, Rahm Emanuel said something similar during the Obama administration:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

The hidden powers manipulating the US and other world governments into what Klaus Schwab calls the “Great Reset” are using the Ukraine crisis to do precisely that.  Sundance explains.  (Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.)

When the [International Monetary Fund] starts saying the Ukraine conflict “may” trigger a new world order of global economic and financial systems, we should pay attention, because behind those statements is a reality that no one has mentioned yet.

Think of it this way… If Russia was to just simply withdraw from Ukraine, do you think the western financial sanctions and multinational corporations would just reverse themselves?   Of course not.  What was never mentioned in the sanction package, pushed by NATO and western alliances, was the no retreat Rubicon they created.  Removing Russia from the SWIFT financial exchange was/is irreversible; so too are the global banking sanctions triggered by political will.

What does that mean?  It means from these moments forward something else, some other form of financial transaction process, is going to be needed for Russia and their allies to engage in commerce, banking and economic activity together.  Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil and other nations are now in a position of being forced to create another mechanism for trade and commerce.

The petro-dollar may factually be dropped as a part of this.  The issue is not ‘if’ it will happen, the issues are how and when they will happen.  Vladimir Putin was pushed into this position by the western financial response, and don’t think for a moment that China and Russia are unhappy about it.

. . .

This is not a ‘losing scenario’ for Vladimir Putin.  Independent payment networks, out of the influence or reach of the U.S. government, are something Putin would openly embrace.  Indeed, the creation of that new financial system for transactions was the primary intent of the BRICS economic alliance.

Pay very close attention to anyone who would say “Putin has already lost”, or any iteration therein.  Putin and Chairman Xi will embrace this new global financial system of independent mechanisms based on value that is separate from the U.S. dollar.

Regardless of the outcome in Ukraine, this situation within the international financial world is not a loss for Putin.  Additionally, and not coincidentally, this new financial world order is also embraced by the domestic ideologues inside the United States who have long felt that our geopolitical power was grossly inflated by the economic value of our currency in the world of trade and finance.

Not only does President Putin and Chairman Xi welcome this new order, no one is smiling bigger than former President Obama and his ‘fundamental change’ crew.

THIS is the change they were hoping for.

A weakened dollar means the wealth behind the valuation is removed from unilateral U.S. benefit, and with that removal wealth spreads around the globe into the trade and payment networks that are based on non-dollar transactions.

All the players who look at the USA as an arrogant and entitled economic system, only made possible by the dollar as the reserve currency, will equally embrace a new financial system.

Klaus Schwab and the WEF/Davos crowd will look happily at a western financial system valued on the currency of a collaboration of nations similar in value to how the Euro was established.

The central bankers in the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO will all work on this new fragmented financial system. Perhaps the underlying currency will be digital, which aligns with the need for a western styled digital identity.

This is a direct outcome of the DC political system, NATO, western government and the multinational corporations all aligning to take advantage of the crisis that Ukraine presents.

The new financial mechanisms will likely line up with the Build Back Better program of clean energy and carbon trading.  All of the systems merge together into one unified western valued global financial system.

It’s stunning how no one in Washington DC is seemingly against this outcome.  It’s almost as if they realize, in the biggest of big pictures, the scale of the U.S. debt and deficit is so large that a massive reset is needed.  [Insert Captain Obvious Here]

Regardless of the Ukraine outcome, Putin, Xi, Obama and Klaus Schwab have already won.   The only real losers are American citizens, many of whom were duped into putting Ukraine flags in their social media avatars without thinking about the longer-term consequences.

There’s more at the link.

He’s probably correct, in that it’s too late to undo the damage to international financial and trade networks caused by the Ukraine war.  That’s already happened, and it’s not going to un-happen.  It’s also worth noting that those behind this upheaval didn’t, and still don’t, give a damn about what happens to the innocent people caught up in the crisis.

  • So a few thousand Ukrainian civilians get ground up in war’s mincing machine, and a few thousand families and their homes are shattered and destroyed, and a few thousand soldiers are killed and wounded and maimed for life?
  • So millions, even tens of millions, of people in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), who are utterly dependent on imports of Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products for their survival, will now starve because those imports have been shut down and there’s nothing to replace them?
  • So millions of people who were formerly citizens, with all the rights and privileges of citizens, are now to be reduced to the status of subjects, with no effective say in who governs them or what happens to them?

So what?  To the powers that be, they’re just “collateral damage”, speed bumps on the road to reshape the world.  They don’t matter.  They never did, except as an unwelcome distraction, an irritation, an annoyance, to be disposed of as quickly as possible while they get on with the business of ruling.  All they’re good for is a few pious-sounding publicity soundbites.

I hope and trust that someone – hopefully, lots of someones – are taking note of the names of all those who are using this crisis for their own ends.  There are thousands of them, from well-known politicians at all levels, to creatures of the Deep State like Victoria Nuland or Alexander Vindman, to field operatives who carried out their bidding and “dug the trenches”, so to speak.  They all need to pay for what they’ve done.  It may be a pipe dream to say that, but it may also be that some people are motivated enough by what they, and we, have lost, to actually do something about it.  The rule of law may be dead right now, as far as official proceedings are concerned, but it’s still the rule by which many of us live.  It needs to be applied to those who consider themselves above and/or beyond the law.  Justice needs to be applied, one way or another.

Note that I’m not speaking of revenge.  That’s a fool’s game.  Revenge won’t bring back a single one of the lives that have been and will be lost over this.  Revenge won’t reunite a single shattered family, or rebuild a single blown-up building, or feed a single starving family.  No, we need justice;  something that calls people to account for the damage they’ve done, and imposes on them a punishment appropriate to the crime.  If our subverted so-called “justice system” won’t do that, it risks an entirely undesirable alternative, where people take justice into their own hands.  In fact, it may make that alternative unavoidable.  Once that takes hold, no-one is safe from it.  Allowing injustice to triumph is as unjust and destructive as the damage caused by that injustice, and the suffering of those who were and are and will be its victims.

Long memories.  That’s what we need – that, and the will to act on them.



  1. Peter so many folks I talk to have the applied memory of a Goldfish.

    They are not stupid; some are well educated medical sorts. The Doctors I work with are often quite intelligent but don't want to discuss situations they feel powerless about.

    But as I suspect a Coping Mechanism, they have defaulted to Forgetfulness.

    As in the "Let us just forget this happened" when two friends decide to observe

    Proverbs 17:9 Whoever would foster love covers over an offense,
    but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.

    But on a subconscious level to reduce the stressors of idiot situations beyond their control.

    The Soros's of the world seem well beyond justice and so we make funnies about the NEW Ukrainian "Flipping the Bird" stamp to the Russian Warship.

    Something we feel empowered to make fun of. Something to DISTRACT ourselves (another way to forget) about the COST of today's gasoline fill up.

    If a soccer team does enough "Own Goals" upon themselves, they lose the game and maybe the championship. Same with Nations.

    Bad times are here and it's going to get worse.

  2. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame quoted that police exist to protect the criminals from the public's justice. I suggest that this would also apply to politicians and bureaucrats.

  3. The problem with this claim concerning Obama's desire to kill the dollar is that the Obamunists killed Gaddafi when he threatened the petrodollar by trying to sell oil for gold. Why kill to defend it when you secretly want to destroy it?

  4. Brutus timing. Then the dollar was needed now it's in the way of the Great Reset.

    Change you can STEP IN.

    Plant potatoes, it's a start. The hungry bellies you fill might be your own.

  5. I agree with everything Peter wrote. In addition to the power players and vested interests he mentions, however, there is another force driving events, or perhaps a bundle of forces.

    eugyppius, a pseudonymous German academic writing on Substack, describes it thus:

    "I prefer to see the actions of the borg as essentially undirected, and the result of internal dynamics. It arises from a lot of separate forces, among them prosperity and technology, the complexity of mass society and its management, and the universal claims of the liberal democratic political tradition."


    eugyppius has said in the past that much of the Corona tyranny is not being directed top-down from above, but carried out autonomously by "middle people" who believe themselves to be acting on the basis of consensus, "teh science", righteousness, and the consent of their fellow citizens. eugyppius appears to see the same principles at work in the war in Ukraine.

    This, to me, raises what is perhaps the scariest idea: that if, miraculously, we could take out Schwab, Soros, and a hundred other superbaddies tomorrow, it would register barely as a blip on history unfolding along its already determined trajectory 🙁

  6. frog that's the scariest thing you can say.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    ― C. S. Lewis

    Or that quote than men grow mad in herds but recover but one by one.

    Frog I pray your wrong, better a few tyrants than millions of busybodies.

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