1. Cute!

    Off topic question. I have an amazon account, and Kindle unlimited. I have noticed that most of your titles, and those of Marko Kloos are eligible for download on Kindle unlimited.

    My question is, do you as the author get the same royalty if I "buy" your kindle title on unlimited, or do you get less than you would if I bought it at the regular Kindle price?


    Paul from Canada

  2. @Paul: We get less per read on Kindle Unlimited than we do from a purchase; but that's not necessarily bad. You see, there are many readers who simply can't afford to buy all the books they'd like to read. However, a $10 monthly subscription to KU gets them access to all the books available through that resource. I'd much rather have my books read more widely, partly because I know what it's like to be unable to afford things, partly because if those readers later find additional sources of income, they might come back and buy a copy for themselves.

    Thanks for your interest.

  3. Good to know, thanks, I suspected as much.

    If there was no difference in the royalty schedule I planned on buying everything available that way, but since there is a difference I will buy at the regular Kindle price.

    Don't get me wrong, I fully intend to get my money's worth from my KU account, but there are several authors that I would prefer to support a bit more, and don't mind paying full whack for, especially since most of your stuff is under five bucks in any case, and I can well afford it.

    I've known you and Marko as bloggers long before you both became writers.


    Paul from Canada

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