New video of the Tianjin explosions

A new video clip has surfaced of the explosions in Tianjin, China on Wednesday evening.  (LANGUAGE ALERT:  The man filming the explosions is rather foul-mouthed at what he sees.  Under the circumstances, I suspect I might have been the same!)

Watch in full-screen mode for the full impact.

OK, that’s a big bang in anyone’s language!  I read that the second, largest explosion depicted in the video was equivalent to 21 tons of TNT.  I’d rather be as far away as possible from something like that . . .  Of course, the size of the explosions explains how sodium cyanide and other really nasty chemicals were spread so far from the plant where they were stored.



  1. What's up with the restricted width video screen? I keep seeing that lately. Is it a camera effect, or is it being done by the distribution system (u-tube, etc)?

  2. The fact that the explosion is visible on satellite weather imagery is what really hammered home the size of the blast for me. Certainly explains the chemical dispersion too!

  3. "Restricted width" is due to people filming with a phone handset in the vertical orientation … like they're on a phone call, rather than a horizontally used phone like they're … filming video.

  4. Given the situation, the language, while admittedly quite coarse, is probably about par for the course. There's a time and place for coarse language, and I think a situation like that certainly applies! I know -I- would have used similar or worse, in at least two languages to boot! O_O

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