1. I well recall the 25 cent cup of coffee at the local greasy spoon of my youth. I vaguely seem to recall the price went from 15 to 20 cents then to 25 almost overnight!

  2. If you advertise it as "artisan", or "exotic brew", you can sell bilge water to mostly unsuspecting hipsters; and they'll pay at least $4 for an 8-ounce cup.

  3. I fully understand the concern about the $4.00 coffee.
    (Speaking of which: When was the last time one could go to a regular sit-down restaurant and order a regular meal at a reasonable price with REAL normal type coffee?)

  4. I remember when the sarcastic retort to a meaningless or insincere compliment was "Yeah, that and 10 cents will get you a cup of coffee in any restaurant."

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