No matter who wins this year’s election, we can’t go on living together like this


Politico points out that this election has implications for both sides – implications that have not been properly understood by either.

If the president manages through some combination of good luck and legal challenges to win a second term, ash-in-mouth Democrats and their sympathizers will ask Trump voters in a spirit of recrimination, “What the hell is your problem?”

If Joe Biden hangs onto his narrow lead, his backers can ask the same question of Trump voters in a spirit of reflection, and possibly even genuine curiosity. Democratic disdain for Trump is natural; disdain for his voters is more problematic. But there is no logical way to scorn Trump without being somewhat scornful of voters who cheered his ascent to power and were eager for him to keep it.

. . .

The 2020 results remain blurry but the central question on the table in this election was vividly clear. Is Trump’s norm-shattering governing style OK with you? Former president Barack Obama framed it sharply in at the summer convention: “That’s what’s at stake right now—our democracy.”

Here is an uncomfortable reality for Obama and anyone who agreed with his words. Trump is on track to grow his popular vote total by millions of people, not one of whom could have been under any illusions about what they were voting for. Unlike 2016, there is no way to dismiss this as a flukish accident of democracy, or an illegitimate manipulation of democracy. His support was a robust expression of democracy.

More discomfort: This was a bravura political achievement. Strip it—just for a moment only—from moral context, from the fact that crowded, maskless rallies during a pandemic are flagrantly irresponsible, that many of his words were remorselessly demagogic. In the midst of the coronavirus catastrophe, just weeks after that virus left him in the hospital needing supplemental oxygen, in the face of bad polls and mostly hostile news coverage, Trump raced across the country and came close to winning. He is a movement politician who, with his back to the wall, often demonstrates remarkable moves.

. . .

The conditions that created Trump will end only when one party or the other achieves a decisive advantage with voters that carries them to unchallenged majority status across Washington and deep into the states. Democrats thought this might be the year that happened. Some 67 million Trump voters—several million less than Biden won but several million more than Trump got four years ago—said not so fast.

When Democrats ask Trump voters “What is your problem?” it is another way of asking themselves, “What is our problem?”

There’s more at the link.

Sadly, the author misses an essential point.  Millions of voters who supported Donald Trump did not do so because they liked him, or even necessarily his policies.  They did so because the alternative was absolutely, totally and completely unacceptable.

I fall into that category.  I dislike Donald Trump’s public persona;  I find him boorish, brash and blustering.  Nevertheless, he was – in this election – the only viable alternative to a socialist-oriented, group-think, politically-correct, social-justice-warrior busybody party, one that would never allow me to be who I want to be, but would insist that I live my life according to its dictates and whims.  I will not do that.  Not now, not ever.  Ergo, I have no choice but to support the candidate (and party) that will not force me to do that.

When one party tells me, up front and without hesitation, that it will:

  • Override the First Amendment by forcing me to support (with my tax dollars) causes that I find abhorrent on religious grounds;
  • Override the Second Amendment by regulating almost out of existence my right to keep and bear arms, and defend myself;
  • Structure school, college and university curricula along politically correct lines that are more indoctrination than education, thus ensuring that young people will be brainwashed into supporting the liberal, progressive agenda;
  • Impose policies on the economy that are motivated more by environmentalism and political correctness than by sound common sense, thus ensuring massive cost increases and ever-decreasing efficiency;
  • Support certain groups over others, even claiming that their lives matter more than others (in so many words), and insisting that I support such claims;
  • and impose many other policies and restrictions that I find unacceptable…
… when such policies are touted as inevitable, and I’m informed that I’ll be forced to comply, then I dig in my heels.  I believe they’re wrong, and I will never support them.  If someone tries to force me into compliance, I will resist.  I stand firm on my constitutional rights, and I will not budge from them.  There is no such thing as a fungible right, or a “living” constitution that can be reinterpreted at will according to modern “understanding”.  No, the constitution means what it says, and has always done so.  Amend it?  By all means, if – and only if – the electorate approves of the change.  The constitution itself allows for that.  Ignore, corrupt or subvert it?  Like hell!

I also understand that to many Americans, the views I have just espoused are anathema.  They see no reason why they should be bound by the “dead letter” of an archaic constitution that they had no hand in devising or any say in approving.  Their civics education has been deliberately dumbed down to the point of non-existence, to enable them to be manipulated in that way.  However, I’m still not going to allow them to ride rough-shod over my rights in order to establish their progressive utopia.

The two sides in American politics today lack almost all middle ground.  There can be no “meeting of the minds” if the minds are so diametrically opposed to each other.  This election has not solved that problem, and no election will.  Nevertheless, we’d better try to find a solution . . . because if we don’t, the next Battle of Fort Sumter may be all too ready to erupt.  We may be seeing its first skirmishes on our streets as I write these words.



  1. As with the British election of Boris Johnson, after years of Elitist sniveling about the Brexit vote, this was a massive shout to the Elite of , "Sit the F*ck down, we're sick of you!"

    Not that there's any chance the Fascist Left will listen.

  2. I don't think they've got the balls for war, to be honest.

    No matter what lies they spout on the camera, there's no getting away from 'sixty million people voted Trump'. That's not something you can just brush off.

    And yes, I know, Stalin, Mao, etc. I stand by the 'balls, lacking thereof' analysis. They have all the hate, but again — not the spine to do something overt.

    We're not trapped in here with them; they're trapped in here with us.

  3. Just remember, almost half the country voted for a candidate that was endorsed by the American Communist Party, wants to give free stuff and citizenship to those who are not here legally, wants to destroy the petroleum/petrochemical industry, raise taxes on gasoline/diesel, raise federal and business income taxes, impose more destructive regulations. And this is the short list.

  4. PETER– I'M RIGHT WITH YOU!! However, I'm not so turned off by President Trump because I understand his "persona" , willfully ignore it, and choose to completely endorse his vision of and for America! The Democrat party has been descending into the pit of Marxism/Socialism/Communism for decades and has now chosen to OPENLY SAY EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO!! Time we learned to take them at their word, and pay attention to theirACTIONS—which are on full display in Democrat run cities left in ruin. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!

  5. A full-blown all-out civil war to extinction between ideologies is the last thing I want.

    But it's STILL on the list.

  6. The country is done. Many over the last few years commented on when the corner was turned. McChuck is correct there will be war. When a biden and kamaltoe are put up for election TPTB run the show. What type of war remains to be seen. Many say voting doesn't matter and I did not want to believe it but I am pretty sure that was the last vote I will ever cast. You get what you vote for is so true. I cast my vote as a demonstration of my God given rights not to elect the new boss same as the old boss. God is in control so who wins matters not. I will continue to pray and prepare for what may come but I have already won through Jesus Christ my lord and savior. I hope you have as well.

  7. Just occurred to me who Trump reminded me of, George Patton.
    Or possibly Teddy Roosevelt.
    Both brash, outspoken, often crude, but got the job done in a pinch.

  8. Alas, it's becoming abundantly clear that Progressive leaders regard non-Progressives as Untermenschen. Bitter clingers, deplorables, whatever the label of the day is, it always means subhuman.
    And cancel culture is a way of enforcing isolation (in the manner of an abusive spouse, only more so). Anyone caught speaking to anyone suspected of knowing a Republican must be shunned! This isolation keeps the Faithful clear of the Enemy, which is vitally important lest they learn that the Enemy isn't really an enemy after all.
    The Pestilence makes a handy excuse for emergency decrees to step up the isolation. Traditional gatherings are forbidden, but gatherings by certain approved political groups are just dandy. Sound like any political system we may have heard of before?

  9. Donald Trump is whom the GOP ended up with because the "little" people of the party was fed-up with the GOP leadership "talking right and governing from the near left." At a minimum, the GOP leadership would bend over for the Democrats at almost every turn.
    Donald Trump brashness, etc, was exactly what was needed … he fights.
    Look what was done to Dr. Paul by the GOP itself. A gentile man, of good manners who would stick to issues and not ad hominem.
    Want proof that Trump what was needed?
    The proof is everywhere. All was peaceful as it should be as long as the liberal/socialist agenda was acquiesced and the "respectable conservatives" were the ones in leadership working out compromises. Read, surrenderings.
    The long march into the night was exposed by electing Trump as POTUS.
    The time is coming.
    Are we going the way of Chile and Pinechot or are we going to wait until we face a Spain and Franco.
    I much prefer Chile's way. Much less destructive and much less violent.
    No, it will not be Sumter.

  10. Battle of Athens (1946)

    The Battle of Athens (sometimes called the McMinn County War) was a rebellion led by citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the local government in August 1946. The citizens, including some World War II veterans, accused the local officials of political corruption and voter intimidation. The event is sometimes cited by firearms ownership advocates as an example of the value of the Second Amendment in combating tyranny.


    The movie depicts the events fairly faithful to the actual historical events. I highly recommend it. It is family safe.

    American Story – The Battle of Athens – 1946 Athens, Tennessee – Full Movie

  11. What disturbs me in all this, Peter, is how few feel the dread and horror of this moment. Not the "the evil (red/blue)one won", but the signs of an America that may never again be indivisible. And how many are chomping at the bit to get to the violence part.

    Win or lose, we've lost.

  12. @Antibubba

    Indivisibility has been a mirage, imposed by military force. The voluntary union died a long time ago.

    Over 300 million people and we think that we can act as a common people without a threat of force?

    The division has been long a-coming and it is frighting to see it.

  13. The irony of John Harris' article that you link to is that he makes so many assumptions and pronouncements, self-assured that he is correct and they are true, that he never pauses to think that perhaps the foundation of his thought process is cracked and crumbling. His essay ran on breathlessly, never stopping to consider that his basic assumptions weren't true.
    1. There is no evidence of fraud.
    2. That there was significant "Russian inteference" in 2016.
    3. That it is Trump supporters, and not Democrats and the Left, who are a true threat to our democracy.
    4. That masks make any difference to the pandemic.
    5. That the true coronavirus catastrophe is medical, and not economic.
    6. That the status quo isn't essentially a huge criminal enterprise.

    Trouble is, we've all seen enough facts and hard evidence to know that none of these are true. Harris comes across as an "see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil" media monkey who can't see the world the way it is because of his fatal cognitive dissonance.

  14. What’s important to understand is that all the Gascist Left noise and violence is driven by the increasing desperation of the Washington Leftist Elite. Their grip on actual legal voters has been slipping for a long time. They tend to adopt policies that will get them invited to all the most fashionable Lefty Intellectual parties, rather than what would actually help the working class and urban poor they claim to defend. And neither of those groups is as stupid as the Washington Panjandrums think they are. Oh, some are stupid, but even cantaloupes aren’t THAT stupid. They played an excellent game when they ran Barrack Obama, but they followed him with two tickets in a row that had more baggage than a fully loaded cruise ship. They may be able to fraud Joe ‘ the nap’ Biden into the White House (maybe) but they have to know that the illusion that they have half of the voters behind them is just that; an illusion.

    This is gonna get interesting and ugly.

  15. War is hell on Earth…..nobody with any sanity wants that, however the cultural over reach is pushing American patriots to the point of , I would rather fight than bow to the tyrants……Where are all the firearms and weapons that the Obama administration purchased and distributed to just about every federal department in the country?…. I have feeling we are going to find out very soon.

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