No salivating on the shooting range!

Now and again commercialism gets so weird that it jumps the shark.  I think that’s just happened (or is that ‘happened again’?) in the shooting sports.  5.11 Tactical, an otherwise respected producer of so-called ‘tactical’ clothing and related products, has announced at the 2016 SHOT Show that it’s developed – wait for it – ‘Raven Range Capri‘ trousers for women, which have instantly (and inevitably) become known as ‘Tactical Yoga Pants’.

The funniest thing about them, to my mind, are the comments left by readers at The Firearm Blog.  Here’s one exchange.

  • I weigh about 280 lbs. I think these might have a slimming effect on me and be quite stylish at the range.
  • HAHAHAHA… does the term TMI mean anything to you??? just kidding dude…
  • TMI or BMI??
  • You go, um, guy. You go.
  • Not to be critical but I think you would exceed the maximum tonnage limit.

There are many more at the link.  Click over there for a good laugh.

Of course, this isn’t the only time 5.11 Tactical have produced something, shall we say, ‘tongue in cheek’.  A couple of years ago they came out with the ‘Tactical Duty Kilt‘.  I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was available in ‘tactical’ sizes up to the mid-50’s . . . which would indicate (a lack of) fitness and physical dexterity that’s anything but tactical!

(Yes, I do own a ‘Tactical Duty Kilt’.  My wife insisted I had to buy one for the sheer hilarity of it.  No, I won’t post a picture!)



  1. There was a guy, neokilt, who used to make Concealed Carry kits. The domain seems to have expired, but I know people with links to him. Should I check if he still does them? I think he even had some in the Black Guard tartan (if you have to piss off Scots, better piss those subject to rules of engagement).

    Take care.

  2. Jennifer,

    I know! I mean, I looked at them, and went "Yoga pants with belt loops? These could be very useful, indeed!" I don't much care for the exposed seam look, but paired with a lace overtunic, it'd look just fine.

    But at 85 dollars, these ought to come with the holster and belt!

  3. Just for women? Why I'm sure I'd look downright sexy if I crammed my morbid obesity into a pair. Guess I'll just have to wear my Speedo!

  4. Can't say I'm the target market for the Tactical Yoga Pants, but I too own a Tactical Duty Kilt. With the detachable side pockets, it's actually been invaluable for breezing (pun intended) through TSA security.

  5. I meant the tacti-kilt should be paired with the combat flip-flops.
    Because everybody knows that flip-flops with tacti-tights would clash.

    It must be fun to have your own company and be able to do goofy stuff like this once in a while.

  6. Awww, c'mmon!! Wear the kilt! Hoot, Mon! I once heard a Scot be asked what they wore under the kilt. His grinning answer was, "Why, me Brogans, laddie!)

  7. Chasing Freedom – far as I know, riding breeches all have the reinforcement on the inner thighs, and these don't.

    They are just about as expensive, though, aren't they?

  8. On a Wing and a Whim – I was mostly going for humor as, to me, they bear a higher resemblance to breeches than yoga pants. Heck, if you look at the picture, you can see they've basically just moved the reinforcement to the front of the knee instead of the side. You could actually save $20 – $40 bucks by just buying breeches!

  9. If men are wearing these as riding breeches today, then I'm glad I learned in the 1970s, when breeches for men were only tight ankle to calf. I hated them enough as was. That and that damned helmet. I think mine was made of cast iron. Yeah, but that's where the girls were, so…

  10. Maybe I am the only one, but price aside, I think this is a great idea. I am sure we are all aware that there is a large portion of the female population who wears yoga pants, to downright lives in them. If we can provide them with the clothes they like and are comfortable in I can only see that helping to encourage to get such women out to the range to either try or keep shooting, especially with the additions of the belt loops and reinforcements which will likely make things easier and more comfortable, and keep them from destroying normal pants at the range. I didn't see the word tactical on 5.11s page once, they clearly called them range pants several times. I wonder if all the humour about these isn't more to do with the typically male gun culture which has repeatedly proven one of the biggest hindrances to encouraging even more women to get into shooting then has already happened in recent years. The increase of female shooters has been notable and a good thing for expanding cross demographic support for gun rights, but imagine how much better it could be if products designed for women could go more than 24 hours before coming the butt of jokes all over the web, especially as I have failed to see anyone raise a valid problem with the pants or the concepts effectiveness at what it is designed for.

  11. I happen to LOVE my 4 Tactical Duty Kilts. Especially in S.S.E. Texas heat and humidity (About 45 miles north of Corpus) In the middle of august, jeans are torture, shorts are instruments of mass destruction, but the kilt is very freeing 🙂

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