No Snippet this morning – we’re partying!

As regular readers know, I usually publish a Saturday Snippet, an excerpt from a book I’m reading or writing.

However, this weekend we’re part of Foolscon.  This was an impromptu gathering of friends and fellow writers, planned by Old NFO, that was originally scheduled for April Fools Day, the first of that month (hence the name).  Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic torpedoed those arrangements, and things had to be postponed.  We re-scheduled the convention for this weekend, but even that was too difficult for many who’d planned to be here.  Travel is just too complicated and expensive right now, with jobs making added demands on those still working, some of our friends unemployed, and some states still restricting the movements of their residents.

Be that as it may, about thirty of us will be gathering at a local venue.  We don’t have a program as such (although it’s salaciously rumored that Lawdog will perform an interpretive dance version of the Tale of the Pink Gorilla Suit).  We’re just planning to spend time together, complain about the state of the world, eat far too much good food, and generally relax and unwind with each other.  We got started yesterday evening:  you can read about another participant’s experience here.

All the preparations for Foolscon have meant that I haven’t had time to select and prepare an excerpt for Saturday Snippet:  so please amuse yourselves with the bloggers in my sidebar.  They write good, too!  Alternatively, browse through the almost three dozen Saturday Snippets I’ve already published, and see if there’s one you missed.

I hope to put up a Sunday Morning Music post as usual tomorrow morning.  Blogging should be back to normal next week.



  1. Please hassle LawDog to post some more and get another book out, either about Africa or Bugscuffle

  2. I am sure there are a lot of great stories being told. Some of them, I would hazard a guess, are even true.
    Enjoy the time together!

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