No Snippet this morning


I had a very late night, sorting through various bits and pieces at home and reorganizing storage.  I’ve only just woken up (with catly assistance – she hadn’t had her usual morning milk, and was highly indignant at this untoward turn of events!).

Therefore, I’ve had no time to prepare the usual Saturday Snippet.  Please amuse yourselves in the archives, or with the other bloggers in the sidebar.  I’ll have the usual Sunday Morning Music post tomorrow.



  1. Ashbutt is in fine floofy form. This morning I was informed (actions speak louder than words) that if I did not get up on time, my ankle was a feline pillow. Shortly, he will escort me to the back door, because he knows that when I water the potted plants, I'll bring in a bit of grass for him to bat around and happily chew on.

    (Ever since I started bringing his requested vegetative treat in, he's made sure I don't forget to water the plants.)

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