No wonder this food is tough . . .

I couldn’t help laughing at this report from Denmark, even though it’s rather nauseating.

National authorities have shut down a company that produced food for nursing homes and hospitals in a cement mixer.

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen) discovered that the food company Nordic Ingredients violated hygiene rules by producing gelled foods in a cement mixer. The food was delivered to public nursing homes and to hospital patients who have difficulty swallowing whole food.

A Food and Veterinary Administration official said that in addition to producing food in a cement mixer, the hygiene levels at the company’s production facility were abysmal.

“It wasn’t just a bit of mess from the most recent production, and we determined that the cleaning standards were completely inadequate,” Henriette Mynster told DR.

Mynster said that the cement mixer didn’t appear to have been cleaned in between uses.

There’s more at the link.

You can imagine some of the slogans that could be used to advertise those meals:

  • “The food with true grit!”
  • “Swallow this!
  • “We got the idea from Obamacare.”
  • “Hey, you asked for concrete proposals for better food.”



  1. It would be interesting to find out if anyone died from eating their food. Or, got food poisoning. If no one did, the company will just do it differently next week, and the patients will still be stuck with food they can't swallow.

  2. Translated to English

    "Welcome to Nordic Ingredients

    Nordic Ingredients's philosophy is that the quality of a finished product closely depends on the selection of the right raw materials and ingredients.

    Based on this philosophy, Nordic Ingredients specializes, as the only one in Denmark, in the production and marketing of quality ingredients for people with chewing and swallowing (dysphagia). Read more

    More specifically, the Nordic Ingredient desire, in close cooperation with customers to create genuine and good experiences for the end user, not only food and flavors, but complementary experiences as far as possible stimulates all the senses. "

    Translated to English

    It doesn't say anything about quality food production equipment.

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