Nobody knows what’s coming, but we can all feel it in our bones


“Thoughts from Frank & Fern” is a blog I’ve read occasionally for a long time.  Now and again the couple who write it come up with really good, thought-provoking posts.  Their latest is well worth reading in full.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

The relationship of government to the people [supposedly] began where the government servants were for the benefit of the people. Now that relationship has flipped. You had better do what you’re told or else. Or else what? We will raise the price of your medication, control the medical attention you can receive, force you to pay for our medical insurance, regulate your business [or shut it down all together, because, you know, COVID], take your guns, brainwash your children and tell you that you better be damn happy while we’re doing it. No, wait, they’re already doing that. Are you enjoying the symbiotic relationship you have with your government? Federal or local? Is it a give and take situation that benefits both parties or have you become a slave to ‘the man’?

. . .

Ladies and Gentlemen [the only two genders on the planet in the realm of reality], this is where we are. The symbiotic relationship of our country, our government and all of it’s interwoven companions in crime, have entered the stage of over extension in so many areas that an implosion of all systems is inevitable. This is not something new in the last few months, it has been developing for years, even decades. Remember the statement, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”?

Think of an area that has a season of abundance that allows the rabbit population to increase dramatically. What happens? The predators, coyotes for example, also increase in abundance until one day, the situations changes. There is no longer enough for the rabbits to eat, they become sick and die. The coyotes don’t have enough to eat. What happens? The system collapses back into a more manageable condition.

It appears that some factions of our country have reached the tipping point where they will no longer sit quietly by. You know we have done that for decades now. Appeasement. Does it work? Never has. So this where we are. We have brought ourselves to the point of listening to the government tell us to sit down and shut up. Are we going to? A lot of us are. It’s scary not to. We don’t want to lose everything we have – home, job, retirement, family, societal recognition. But the situation with the election and impeachments, the current avalanche of executive orders appear to have created a backlash of sorts. Will the country remain united? That has yet to be seen. There are a lot of theories being postulated out here in internet world. Some seem more plausible than others.

This is where we are. If you aren’t in a situation, location, state of mind where you can provide for your NEEDS, not wants, when the system implodes or declines to the point of not supplying the basics for everyday life, then please work diligently with all of your might to get that way. Sometimes the decline of a system is rapid, sometimes it’s slow and you can see it coming more clearly and make the needed adjustments. Everyone we talk to, everyone, normal everyday people that up to now didn’t have a care in the world, shopped everyday for dinner and went about their lives, KNOWS something is very not right. It’s in the air, in our bones, invading our thoughts and feelings. The world is not right. Something is coming.

Be as ready as you can. It’s important. It’s beyond important. It’s beyond words important.

There’s more at the link.

None of us know what’s coming, but I think we can all agree that the “signs of the times” point to serious disruption in our way of life.  The “blue states” are showing signs of reverting to socialist dictatorships.  The “red states” are rebelling against attempts to force them into that same mold, and resisting as best they can.  Within each state, “blue” or “red” enclaves are resisting the other side, and trying to build their own little fiefdoms, insulated from views and policies with which they don’t agree.  There’s no longer a sense of a shared national identity.  We’ve become a nation at war with ourselves.

Nobody knows what’s coming . . . but something’s got to give, sooner or later.  I have a feeling that we may have less than a year before things get out of control, at least somewhere in these formerly United States.  Be as ready as you can to protect and safeguard yourself and your loved ones if and when that happens – and if you’re in an area where you think the danger is particularly great, leave.  Now.  You may have less time than you think.



  1. Many years ago, we had good friends who decided to join a tax protester group in a financial scam to thwart the IRS. They both ended up doing hard time for it. At the time, I made the pragmatic argument that you can be a martyr for a cause if you wish, but that the individual does not take on Leviathan without consequences. The problem that bothered me the most is that they had two young sons at home. You can be a martyr, but I didn't see that including your family in it was a good or worthwhile thing.
    In our times now though, the internal debate has become quite difficult. As a prepper of long standing (I go back to Boy Scout days of the 1960's) I practice grey man theory as much as possible. I violate OPSEC in small ways, like taking down my front porch American flag, and replacing it with a banana republic flag (and I'm amazed at how many folks don't even understand the reference).
    I have a t-shirt with the line: "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, because you are crunchy and good with ketchup!" Well….if times are about to become crunchy, blowback will become inevitable. We prep in many ways large and small, for whatever may come our way, from the next flat tire, to TEOTWAWKI.

  2. My bet is we don't see a significant change in 2021. It is too early in Biden's presidency for people to get too crazy. I would not be surprised to see a couple more cities go the way of Portland or Minneapolis.

    I do agree with Peter when change comes it will come fast but things are not bad enough for the middle class to rise up yet.

  3. Mr. Grant,
    Thank you for the acknowledgement. It is nice to visit again.
    Indeed our situation as a nation and society is feeling perilous.
    The boot of tyranny is slowly but surely chocking us with no creditable respite in site.
    Frank Feral

  4. Stocked up on some non-perishable food a while back and bought a .38 revolver to protect it. I should probably buy some water purification tablets this weekend too.

    I wish I'd never been born at this point.

  5. Lynette Zang says they wont be ready for the currency reset until probably 2023. I listened to another econ guy who said 2025. It takes a lot of planning and strategizing and probably all kinds of new software. Maybe 5G everywhere to handle the bandwidth of a new digital system. I'd say try to be ready by 2023 and all the time after is a gift for even more prepping.

  6. The recent election demonstrated, beyond any shadow of a doubt that the republic is dead and there is no political exit. It strikes me as yet another conservative finger-wagging "this is your LAST chance to vote your way to safety". But the voting machines have been compromised, ergo no one's votes matter in the slightest. [Also, there is a Bill to have national mail-in voting, to handle the states without the Dominion voting machines.] There is no more Democrat vs Republican, there is only optimate vs populare.

  7. Sorta-kinda related, today my phone service implemented something called Web Guard, an "optional service" to block "adult content" (including mention of guns), without asking me if I needed/wanted such censorship. My phone service's Web site gave no instructions about how to turn this "optional service" off.

    Web Guard blocked this site.

    Fortunately, 30 minutes or so with online chat tech support got me through turning off this odious feature, so I'm not quite ready to ditch my service. (To be fair, my prepaid phone service has changed hands twice in less than a year, so its current owners might not have been aware of the new censorship that its most recent [brief] owner had implemented.)

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