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A bear killed a deer, because it was hungry.  Normal behavior, of course;  that’s what bears do.  The difference, in this case, is that it did so in someone’s back yard – right in the middle of Colorado Springs suburbia.

WARNING:  The video is VERY graphic, both visually and audibly.  Don’t play this near small kids or those who are squeamish.

What’s astonished me about that video is not the fact that it happened so close to human habitation – it’s the response from the special snowflake brigade.  I’ve seen comments in some quarters about how cruel the bear was, and how the bear should have been shot to save the deer, and how evil it is that a living being should have to be food for another, and so on and so on.  (Miss D. tells of an adult acquaintance who had an absolute full-on hysterical meltdown in the middle of a supermarket after being informed that yes, beef does come from what she still, as an adult, called “moo-cows”!)

What is wrong with us, that we don’t bring up our kids to realize that this is NORMAL?  Our nice, soft, fluffy domestic cats kill small animals and birds like this day in, day out.  Deer become prey at least several thousand times every day in this country, to predators that include ourselves (using vehicles and/or guns).  We nice, civilized humans don’t often kill our meat ourselves – we outsource the tasks to slaughterhouses and butcheries, where it’s done in a “sanitized” manner;  but it’s killing nonetheless.  In Africa, where I was born and raised, humans all too often end up on the menu of something bigger, stronger and faster than they are – lions, leopards, crocodiles, hippo and the like.  The tiny mosquito probably kills more people every year than all other animals and insects put together – and it does so by feeding on us, just as that bear fed on that deer!

Now and again nature slaps us in the face with the reminder that it really is “red in tooth and claw“, and most living things, plant or animal, will end up as food for something else.  That’s the natural order of things.  Animals don’t retire on pension at the end of a long and happy life, to die peacefully in their beds!  Almost all of them will die of disease, or starvation, or by being killed and eaten.  It’s always been that way, and it always will.

The sooner we start reminding the special snowflakes among us of that reality, the better.  As it is, they’re not grounded in reality at all, be it in connection with food and drink, or the way the world works in general.  They think the world is unicorn farts and rainbows.  That’s why they keep hurting themselves when they run headlong into reality.  The problem is, when that happens, they try to pass laws that proclaim the world really is unicorn farts and rainbows – or it will be, if the rest of us will just do as they say.  When that doesn’t work, they don’t blame the world.  They blame us, for not trying hard enough, and pass more laws to try to force us to remake the world as they want it to be.

Ain’t gonna happen.  Reality doesn’t work that way.



  1. I once dated a woman who was telling me how evil it was to hunt while she was eating a steak. She replied that steaks were made from cows that died of natural causes. I had to explain to her that butchering a diseased animal was illegal. That isn't the story though.

    We were once driving down the highway and saw some wild hogs on the side of the road. She wanted me to stop and pull over, so she could try to pet them. I refused and told her that we would be attacked and wind up in the hospital if we did so, because wild hogs are mean as hell, and the handgun I was carrying probably wouldn't stop them. She was angry with me for over an hour.

    People nowadays grow up thinking the world is one large petting zoo.

  2. If you really want to blow a snowflake's mind, look for videos of herbivores eating meat – I recall one of a deer munching happily on a small bird.
    Yes, herbivores aren't equipped for chasing prey, but if they happen across some high-quality protein that they can catch, it's very much on the menu.

  3. That's "graphic"? With that warning I was expecting evisceration.

    Meanwhile, the idiot with the camera (phone?) is watching from a short distance, without intervening barriers and, presumably, unarmed. He wants to offer the bear desert?

    His first instinct is to have someone else call "somebody"? Is it not legal/practical to shoot and eat both animals? Then call animal control to come relocate the bear before grumbling about stupid rules against shooting animals.

  4. Not fair – stupid bear gets to eat venison any time it can get some and I have to wait until November.


  5. That was not a black bear, no way in hell I would have stood their and filmed. Sliver tip bears get prickly about bystanders when eating.

  6. For me, the interesting part was the sound. When watching "family sex and violence" shows, in other words, nature shows, the sounds that the pray makes is not usually played.

    The person with the camera and the other(s) were not being wise at witnessing the spectacle so close.

  7. "(Miss D. tells of an adult acquaintance" – tried to find the story on her blog, no luck. Link, please?

  8. Well,a fun thing to do to vegans and other prey humans is to describe, in extreme detail, the raising, harvesting and processing by cooking or eating directly live plants. That carrot? Still alive until you cook it or it wilts. That potato? Still alive until you boil it.

    Actually had one vegan almost convinced, at the point of it's tears, to only eat wilted vegetables. Almost.

    See? We can play with our prey too!

    And, yes, the clue-less-ness is out there.

    I also love talking about poultry to those that don't eat red meat. You know poultry? Which old-time cookbooks describe as small farm animals, like chickens, geese, turkey, fuzzy bunnies… Yep. Fuzzy Bunnies! Served many a 'poultry stew' to people who wouldn't eat rabbit soup. Suckers! Can't help if they're uninformed or stupid or both…

    Hey, gotta get my laughs somehow. Don't golf, drink, race cars, play in traffic, or any other fun things.

  9. I was once reading the bulletin board at work, an article someone had posted claiming that dead frogs were used in biology classes to get students used to torturing and killing animals. I was laughing at the absurdity. A co-worker looked at me like I was Dr. Mengele incarnate. I worked for a pet food manufacturer. We sometimes had blood running down the street if a truck from one of the slaughter houses had a spill. No disconnect in her world.

  10. The farther removed from the source, the more unrealistic. I read a comment somewhere years ago that said "why kill a chicken when you can just buy chicken in the store".

    Much like Miss D's friend, I expect.

  11. Looked to me to be a young grizzly, likely no more than two years old.
    It obviously has figured out where the easy pickings are and if not either put down or relocated to a very remote area it's only a matter of time before it does the same thing to a human.
    I chased down other reports of the incident which apparently happened summer of 2015.
    Officials put down the injured deer and allowed the bear to escape stating that it was highly unlikely that it would attack either humans or family pets.
    Funny thing, I just did a search on "Colorado Springs bear attacks" and came up with page after page of incidents of bears attacking humans, so those officials might just want to rethink their position.

  12. In parallel… sort of related to the idea of the naivete of liberals.

    Some months ago I was talking with a liberal whom I thought is overall well-grounded, not a moonbat; I've known them for a while. Somehow the topic got around to the current red/blue divide and how angry it is. The possibility of gun confiscation came up as a possible trigger. They, of course, talked about how could the Right in their camo stand up to the US military and that "it would all be over in a few weeks".

    I didn't want to get into a long conversation about it but I did ask "So what will you do when you run out of candles"?

    "What do you mean?"

    "Pretty much the first thing that would happen to the cities where most on the Left-leaning people live would be that the power lines would be taken out. How do you think you'd enjoy life without power, refrigeration, gas stations, food deliveries, running water, etc.?"

    The reaction of this person was a physical recoiling and look of utter horror on their face. As though the very idea that – in a war where they've (they think!) unleashed the full might of the US military on us slopedforeheadknuckledraggers – that those would even consider retaliating by making life hard on them. No doubt he had thoughts of sipping Chablis and eating freshly-imported brie while the country – "elsewhere" – descended into chaos.

    We haven't spoken since.

  13. Uncle Lar pointed out the bear's likely youth. I was thinking to myself that the bear seemed to be taking some time to kill the deer – maybe even trying a couple of different methods, snapping the neck, then switching to the windpipe, perhaps. Maybe that was its inexperience showing?

  14. What alarms me is a grizzly in town… don't let your pets or children be outside alone til it's been either shot or relocated far, far away. In fact, same for adults. Bears are lazy, but they can run really fast. Humans are easy to catch, and very tasty.

    As to the vegan contingent… murderers!

  15. Back when I worked in The Supermarket, I had more than one customer react with utter horror when they discovered that the smoked salmon in my case had actually been a real live fish at one point. One decreed that they'd never shop at my store again and that they'd take their business to a civilized store that grew their meat in vats in the back of the store. I wish I was making that up.

    Another accused me of murdering Nemo. More than one turned green and ran for the bathroom.

    Total. Disconnect. From. Reality.

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