Not so much a flypast as a blowdown

It seems an Indonesian Mil Mi-35 gunship (an export version of the Mil Mi-24) recently made an unexpected and very low flypast during rehearsals for a military parade in the Natuna Regency, in the Riau Islands.  That proved to be not a good idea . . .

I hope they had backup copies of those billboard posters.  I suspect the originals were probably damaged beyond repair.



  1. Now, was it the pilot, and if so he must have meant to do that, or was it some stupid officer who wouldn't listen to the pilot.

    Either way, that just blows.

  2. I'd bet it was an officer, I've seen this stuff many times and it is a hoot as long as nobody gets hurt.

    One day in Korea were were told to set up our equipment and framed tents on an asphalt lot (couldn't spike anything down) and to set up a helipad for our mission birds alongside. My protests were ignored so I had my platoon leave everything in their duffels and run the duffel strap through their cots. Helicopter came in, went to a hover before touching down and instead went to a fast climb out as tents, camouflage nets and anything else not tied down went airborne.

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