Not your average explosive device – unless it’s cooked wrong!


I had to laugh at this news report.

Police in Bretten in the southern German state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg received an alarming phone call on Thursday. An 81-year-old man told them he had found an unexploded World War II bomb in his back garden.

After arriving on the scene, police were surprised to find a 40-centimeter-long (15.7 inches) dark zucchini that, in the officers’ own words, “really did look like a bomb.”

Concluding the 5-kilogram vegetable presented no threat to the public or the immediate vicinity, police decided to call off deploying its Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service.

There’s more at the link, including a photograph of the “explosive” in question.

Police assume that a passerby dumped the giant zucchini over the man’s back fence in an attempt to dispose of it.  If zucchini season over there is anything like it is in parts of the USA, one has to really try hard to avoid being “gifted” baskets and boxes of zucchini by one’s neighbors, desperate to get rid of the overflow from their gardens!  When Miss D. worked at a major company near Nashville, TN, she said she had to be sure to lock her car doors and close all her windows when she went to work, otherwise she’d come back to find bags and boxes of zucchini “donated” by her colleagues all over her back seat.

Oh, well.  At least the average zucchini doesn’t explosively disassemble itself!



  1. A 5 KILO zucchini?!? That's huge like 11/12 lbs, going to be tougher than wood… Honestly that just might qualify as a vegetable of mass destruction.

  2. I'd dearly love to get on some kind of list as a "sure I'll take that" short of putting a sign up in the front yard which I suspect would bury me in woody overly large specimens.

  3. Zucchini bread took care of most of our surplus. Bring a couple zucchinis to the office, and they'll sit there for days and weeks. Bring bread in and they'll eat it up quick.

  4. Thee's always the compost heap for the ones you don't want,to feed next years crop. Or ducks, or chickens, or goats, plenty of critters lining up to eat your extras. Don't be so lazy and look around,!

  5. Baden-Wurttemberg police also stated: "In a totally unrelated matter, an 81 year-old man was arrested for going on a 3-day bath salts bender."

  6. A big-enough zuchini makes a pretty good club. Or so I've been told. After all, they ARE bio-degradeable. No fingerprints…

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