Not your average self-inflicted injury

A football team mascot did himself a nasty the other day.

Most mascots try to whip up the atmosphere, pose with young ones for a few pictures and goof around with fans of the team on the road. Recently, however, mascots have also taken on a commercial role, including firing T-shirts, caps or other paraphernalia from novelty canons and into the crowd.

And that’s when things can go wrong. Badly wrong, in fact. The Colorado Buffaloes mascot found out for himself on Saturday, when he accidentally shot himself in the groin with a T-shirt cannon that was facing the wrong way.

Instead of aiming the cannon towards the crowd, Chip the Buffalo had accidentally pointed the cannon towards his groin region. As a result, instead of the expected result of T-shirts landing onto the stands, he only succeeded in inflicting some serious damage onto himself.

A clip that was posted on Twitter and quickly went viral shows the unfortunate incident. Poor Chip went down like the proverbial sack of potatoes and had to be carted off to the locker room to receive treatment.

It wasn’t all bad news, though, as the intrepid (or foolish, depending on one’s point of view) buffalo received a standing ovation as he was being stretchered off and the Buffaloes then secured a 45-13 win over New Hampshire.

There’s more at the link.  The Newsweek report also has video clips of other mascots getting into various and sundry forms of trouble in earlier football games.  They’re interesting viewing.

Fortunately for posterity (assuming the unfortunate mascot is still capable of producing any), the incident was captured on video.  Here’s the moment of truth (so to speak).

And here’s the victim being carted off the field to receive treatment, to a standing ovation by the crowd, who clearly enjoyed the entertainment he’d provided.

I bet he won’t make that mistake again anytime soon . . .



  1. Too bad this didn't happen in Chicago so could add it to the Junk-o-Meter.

    That site is a great visual statistics site for the stupidity of Chicago, if you've never seen it.

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