Not your usual wasteline…


Found on MeWe, in a comment to a post asking for information about concealed carry holsters:

I’ve been using a Cross Breed inside the waste band for my LC9, and it works great.

“Waste” band?  Does that mean the commenter is attaching the holster inside her colostomy bag support band?  That could lend an entirely new and unsanitary meaning to the term “quick draw”!

Sorry.  Sometimes my sense of the irreverent takes over!

On the subject of “waste bands” (sic) and the like:  a friend of mine came out of hospital several years (decades!) ago, wearing a catheter and a urine bag for a few days to speed his recovery after an operation.  He described going home as a mixed blessing.  It was great to be with his wife and kids again – until about five o’clock the next morning, when his two young girls bounced onto the marital bed and demanded that Daddy wake up and play with them.  Guess where they landed?  You got it… right on his urine bag.  I quote:  “Have you ever tried to pee backwards?  It sheds a new and horrible light on the human condition!”  Apparently his wife was torn between sympathy at his pain, trying to shield their daughters’ ears from his (very and explicitly vocal) reaction, and helpless laughter…



  1. Had to wear a Foley catheter for two weeks after prostate surgery.
    Twelve years cancer free, yay me!
    But I can certainly relate to this poor sod and his experience.

  2. Re "waste band", I see it as equal probability it's a glitch of "spell Czech", as a personally done misspelling.

    Re the catheter story, I wore one for a week or so, post prostateectomy. I remember I had a day bag strapped to my calf, and a larger night bag. The night bag, IIRC, sat in a clean basin next to the bed.

    After a week, they went to do some imaging to see how well stuff had healed. Disconnected the bag, connected me to something else, and pumped the bladder full of whatever fluid the needed. Bladder had shrunk quite a bit over the week, from disuse.

  3. poor spelling and grammar seem to be the norm these days.
    phonics was used for a long time and worked quite well.
    sadly it is not used these days.
    reading, writing and 'rithmatic.

  4. My post prostatectomy experience with the catheter added an extra twist. When it came time to remove it, it was stuck and wouldn't come out. There I am being led around the room like a dog on a leash. The doctor concluded that he must have caught the catheter with a stitch and I'd need a couple of more days for the stitch to dissolve. Removed it myself that weekend. (Ten years cancer free after a relapse and SRT.)

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