Note the weasel code words about those nasty, icky guns

Anti-gun activists are aghast at the vastly increased rate of firearms sales following the COVID-19 pandemic, riots and unrest, and other “trigger” events.  They’re now beginning to plan how to deal with the reality of an America that’s more heavily armed than ever.

Note the weasel words in this article from the Brookings Institute.  I’ve underlined them.

When Americans are concerned about their personal security, they buy firearms. Such concerns have been rampant since March, initially due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and then the social unrest in June that followed George Floyd’s killing. Our estimates indicate that almost three million more firearms have been sold since March than would have ordinarily been sold during these months. Half of that increase occurred in June alone. This pattern highlights an important potential consequence that may result from this tumultuous period: more firearms in the hands of private citizens.

. . .

In March, concerns about personal safety arose from both a deadly new virus and an economy in free fall. By June, concerns about the virus and the economy remained, and were compounded by new evidence of racial injustice in policing, widespread protests, and discussions of defunding the police.

. . .

The presence of so many guns complicates discussions of public policy. Injustices committed by the police, and systemic racism in society more broadly need to end. It is concerning that the necessary national discussion regarding racial injustice is leading to even more firearms in the hands of Americans.

This concern is particularly relevant in the context of discussions regarding defunding the police. When public goods are not provided by the government, or are provided on a scale that some consider to be inadequate, individuals turn to private provision of these services.  For example, parents often turn to private schools when they perceive public education to be inadequate.

Similarly, it would not be surprising for some citizens to respond to perceived limitations on police services with private provision. This may include purchasing more firearms. In a society fraught with racial tension, it is not clear that dismantling the police and seeing more private citizens purchase guns will lead to a safer world. Increased firearm sales are a potential – if unintended – consequence that merits attention as we endeavor to create a more equitable society.

There’s more at the link.

Translation:  It’s not enough to “dismantle the police”.  We also need to take away those nasty, icky guns from private citizens, so that they can’t replace the police by relying on their own means of defense.  That would complicate ending “systemic racism in society”.

Reading between the lines, owning a gun is being presented as a potentially racist act.  Despite all the high-falutin’ academic language, the author appears to be implicitly equating the Second Amendment to the US Constitution with racism.  That’s how I understand his concerns, at any rate.

Read my earlier article today about racism in US politics.  Does this sound like yet another brick in that politically correct wall?

I’ll give the last word to Gun Free Zone:

This is why they want to disarm you.  So when they defund the police and direct the mob to attack you, you cannot fight back.




  1. And who will bell the the cat? The police may try, but after a few instances of the old two way rifle range, they will bow out. The National Guard won't even start, and the Army would do likewise. Who will enforce the (illegal) order?

  2. Lets See. SO FAR the Courts and Police ARE still following orders in Seattle and such. Seems a paycheck, pension and health care is still important to them. No offence to honest police officers I understand your family needs.

    How could they avoid a door to door shooting event?

    Well, they could check your credit card purchases for the past couple of years looking for key words like Purchased Gun, Purchased Ammo (especially for the idiots that claim they "Lost them in a boating accident") and so on. They will also search social media as so many folks like to show off their new toys or go to MASS Gun Rally's to have their cellphones data stolen by Federal Stingray towers (even if turned off BTW).

    Then they send you a lovely official letter telling you that you have 5 working days to turn in the above mentioned materials OR signed affidavits from three people that they were lost-sold-destroyed etc. AFTER that 5 days your ELECTRONIC LIFE ENDS. They cancel your bank accounts, cancel your credit cards, cancel your health insurance, turn off your electricity and send a lawyer to explain to your employer AND Landlord that your a Felon and must be terminated. If you owned a house they take it by court order.

    So you are unemployed, No Health Insurance, Homeless, power turned off, broke, and I bet your Family is PISSED about that over a fakebook posting about your new toys or that little Pro-Gun trip to Richmond VA.

    I also BET that the next family that gets that letter after the first few are VERY PUBLIC NEWS will have serious family discussions during that 5 working days.

    The official letter would ALSO mention that it was a felony if the affidavits were later proven incorrect and they would also suffer the same penalties for aiding and abetting a capital crime of not turning in those weapons.

    Look to what other folks know about you. Think about those items they KNOW about. Be honest with yourself. Every Squad Car and SWAT Team has an laptop and it's NOT for playing Angry Birds. NSA's supercomputer works guys and I know that my credit card company can give me detailed lists of what I bought over the past few years. They do it for Divorce Lawyers ALL the TIME.

    Broke and homeless or in prison is not a good way to deal with a socialist-Democrat SHTF situation.

    After all the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were totally disarmed before being herded in to those Ghettos. Treachery and a iron pipe got them weapons from unwary Germans to fight until tanks and flamethrowers cleared them out. Armed or disarmed is a state of mind.

  3. Well hell! You all don't want to be racist do you? I will do everyone a favor and take their various racist shooty totems off their hands for just a dollar each!

  4. All citizens hold equity in the system. Yet, as leftists are wont to do, they have changed the meaning. It was not enough to have equal opportunity, it is now that to make up for a perceived past inequality, certain class must possess a greater share. Of course, for there to be increase it must be taken from another.

    Therefore, equality now means all other classes are subordinate to the one.

    It has become unlawful to mention that any class, especially the one, has failed to grasp the opportunity formerly granted them. That opportunity must now be taken from the others so the one is held in esteem (while all race towards the bottom). It is simple class warfare.


  5. All the things Michael said are possible… mostly in places
    like China and Russia where due process is nonexistent.

    They might get away with a few before the collective crowed
    gets their backs up. Of course you are not offering suggestions
    to them.

    If that were the path as projected, the likely event is to
    start a shoot out as people that have been disenfranchised
    and destituted will be the ones that have nothing to loose
    and "you" those perceived as the cause are now their target.

    I consider that unlikely as only idiot would presume that path
    would go uncontested. In the courts or the streets.

    As to the phone not turning off.. seriously, no. Most do and
    those that don't totally enclosed metallic cases solves the
    issue without power down. Look up Faraday cage. A sheet of
    aluminum foil will due equally as well in a moment. Those
    that say you can track a phone wrapped so have not one clue
    how radio and electronics works.

    Generally there are those that will be too obvious and those
    that know to be quiet, and what SSS means. There will be many
    more of the latter.

    In the end those that were just following orders also lost.


  6. Increased firearm sales are a potential – if unintended – consequence that merits attention as we endeavor to create a more equitable society.

    Notice how getting the criminals out of neighborhoods is ignored?

  7. Eck! have you missed the St Louis Lawyer Couple disarmed by the police and had to hire private security for Antifa's return visits?

    Police being ambushed by criminals and Antifa and so on? Rule of law seems a little tattered lately. Not a lot of backlash you mentioned thus far, almost crickets? Any Antifa casualties so far?

    The power tool of Marxists is "Hate Crime" where the English Common Law of "Innocent until proven guilty" is reversed, YOU have to PROVE you didn't do a "Hate Crime".

    Due process is under rule of law and laws are written by those that want more power. Currently the Marxists and those afraid of being doxed and labeled RAYCESS are writing and more importantly enforcing the laws.

    As far as the idea of foil wrapping-Faraday cage those government approved tracking-surveillance devices AKA Cellphones I noticed at the Gun Woodstock at Richmond VA folks taking selfies and pictures of their buddies with their sweet toys. Where was the OPSEC foil wrapping then? Where do you think all that data went friend? NOT just into your cell phones SIM card. There was a special forces surveillance aircraft circling Richmond for several day before-during and after the Gun Woodstock along with stingray cell phone capture towers.

    Also I noticed at a recent meat space training event much the same selfie-buddy+guns pictures action with their cellphones.

    How many weak links do you need for that OPSEC you mention failing?

    Any group large enough to have a name and meetings has weak people or informants inside to betray them. If you think you have more than 2 other people you can trust with your life and liberty when things get spicy, maybe you need to rethink that.

  8. michael, apparently you're not a gun guy. let it be. just let it be. do you really thing .gov has a record of guns, many of which were sold decades ago or bought and sold privately? everybody i know has at least one 'off the books". but you also miss the fact that the mckluskys live in a liberal craphole with a soros bought d.a. you miss that millions of armed people like me are at the end of their lives after having spent the better part of it defending this country which then left us high and dry with nothing much to lose. "is peace so sweet and security so dear as to be purchased at the cost of chains and slavery?" a famous virginian said that…. but as for me capt. mal said it best….i aim to misbehave.

  9. riverrider it's not a gun guy thing. I've had to kill for uncle sugar over my 20+ year military career. A pacifist I am not.

    I just want folks to THINK before acting. Make your price be dear to the enemies of freedom and our Republic. The Boston Massacre 2.0 is not going to be a good thing for our Republic GIVEN that the Media is the owned mouthpiece of the Socialist-Democrats. Those Patriots will be labeled Raycess Pedophiles or such by the media and other Patriots will disown them.

    As Sun Zhu would say Know YOURSELF and your Enemies and you will have success.

    Knowing what "tools" you have that are off books is Important. Even more important is thinking what you used your credit card to buy, like AMMO. That information is something that divorce lawyers can get easily SO I have to assume the Feds-Marxists also have that data. THUS some "Off Books" "Tools" MIGHT not be so unknown. Officer Jones "Sir I understand you LOST your Weapons in that boating accident three years ago BUT WHY did you buy and receive 2K ammo for it last year?" Officer Smith "Odd you have no weapons Sir, when you bought last month some 6.5mm Swedish from…"

    Social media is a weakness of many of us. I post trying to remember that it's always out there and not all that read it are friends.

    Know your enemy's tactics so you can create countermeasures.

    Right now we have millions of armed Americans looking at the news daily of how self defense gets you disarmed, doxed and your employers harassed into firing you as you try to defend yourself against charges of RAYCESS Hate Crimes and such. I know from my private discussions with friends it's a real issue. Maybe my pack of retired-disabled sand box veterans are all wussies eh?

    BSing yourself that your neighbors like that St Louis Lawyer couple mentioned above WILL NOT sell you out to the Leftist Mob is not a path to success. Their Neighbors DID Sell them out to the press as troublemakers.

    Making nice to a hungry tiger will still get you eaten but cowards like the neighbors mentioned above don't accept that yet.

  10. When the balloon goes up everybody will know.
    The Left is busy filling it with hydrogen now.
    Everybody will be invited to the dance when the balloon goes up.

    In Rwanda, the barricades went up and the killing started all across the country a mere 30 minutes after the precipitating event.

  11. The upcoming festivities will be short lived for the following reasons:
    A one person cell remains a secret.
    Far more civilians have longer distance shooting capabilities than the LEO community.
    The left and government don't want a shooting war because a two way range is SCARY AND DANGEROUS! (Hence the push to defund and disarm)
    Nobody can spend a pension when they're dead.
    Nobody can protect their loved ones when they're dead.

  12. The Fascist Left seems determined to make shooting any Fascist Leftist on sight an act of self defense. I really don’t think they want to do that.

  13. When I started buying at my local shop I was joking around that at a previous store, the owner said that if he received a letter to turn over all records to the feds they'd have a mysterious combustion event at the store. The owner here smiled and said "I cannot confirm or deny that such an event might happen here".

    Meanwhile, I am at an utter loss as to how my fellow Jews can be anti-gun despite our history.

    Never Again? Why are most American Jews ignoring history and today's reality?

  14. I use a range on public lands in CO. every time I am there, a federal interior dept. employee shows up to look us over. now, why would they do that? in as much as the Pawnee national grasslands is hell and gone in the middle of nowhere northern colorado, how is it the feds are aware anyone is out there murdering paper targets?
    I enjoy going there off season to spy on the massive numbers of goats that also enjoy the "open" ranges. one can even find a clear 1Km shooting lane not burdened by people or animals. there are those clowns from cities out there that fail to practice "cleaner than I found it" that are truly annoying. we do try to clean up obvious messes they leave, but it gets old. Officer in presence doesn't have any effect on city folk any more.
    as for tinfoil on the phone, it's is only effective if you never ever take the foil off the phone, as soon as you do the phone will get pinged and download everything in it. it's called system updates.
    As much as people want to believe in their rights being inviolate, that is true only as far as your lawyer can hurl the US Constitution after the fact. and when the gov denies any wrong doing and refuses to allow itself to be sued? well, your shit out of luck. Gov agencies employees can't be sued by you for their criminal acts. they have immunity. You can whine to the agencies IG, but then they only protect themselves. I give you the justice department IG for instance. welcome to the world that you created when you voted into office the people that are doing all this crap to you.

  15. Brookings…brooks no dissent, so I'm gonna dissssssssssss the Brookies.

    It's the least I could do for them.

  16. Oh, I forgot to mention that I read that Portland is getting a CHOP/ChAZ area chopchop. Portland deserves it.

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