Now that’s a Mayor I could get behind

Corruption, nepotism and greed are such endemic features of South African politics that it’s really unusual to hear about anything else.  That’s why I was very pleased to read this report.

The new mayor of South Africa’s capital Pretoria has caused consternation among the ruling ANC’s elite after he banned VIPs convoys and luxury cars for councillors.

Solly Msimanga said on Wednesday that he had refused to take delivery of 10 new BMW 3 series worth £266,000, which were ordered by the previous administration for the team of senior councillors working with the mayor.

Mr Msimanga instructed for the vehicles to be given to the police department instead, as part of a new anti-hijack unit.

“I will not allow public money to be spent on luxury cars‚ while our people struggle for services‚ houses and jobs. No more luxury cars will be bought or leased under my government,” he said in a statement.

“A Hyundai i20 or Toyota Corolla can do the same job for a politician as an expensive sedan.”

Mr Msimanga took control over the city last month after the lead opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, ousted the ANC following dramatic local elections.

Days after he was appointed, Mr Msimanga announced that the lengthy blue light convoys enjoyed by both local and national politicians would not be allowed within the city.

“Officials will now travel alongside ordinary citizens‚ they will wait in traffic and will stop at red lights‚” he announced.

There’s more at the link.

The ‘establishment’ politicians may be unhappy, but I bet the police are happy with their new cars!  I’m sure the electorate is pleased as well.  If he keeps this up, I predict a much less graft-ridden administration for Pretoria and a bright political future for Mayor Msimanga.



  1. ^ What he said.

    You said you could get behind him. I think I'd keep my distance, to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

  2. See if he wants to emigrate. I'd vote for him, based solely on that record, for mayor… of DC, if I were dumb enough to live there. Or anyplace. That sort of intestinal fortitude is sadly lacking in too many who are charged with upholding the public trust.

  3. We don't even do that in the U.S! A secret service detail gives a senator (like Nancy Pelosi) unfettered power to ignore the rules and laws of the road that govern us "little people"…all in the name of "security". Not that I'm objecting, of course. *Obviously* the mighty aristocrats that reign over us as our Lords and Masters are *entitled* to exemption from that pesky principle known as "equality before the law." I mean it's self-evident! They are better than the rest of us, and so their "need" to flout the law for "security" reasons *must* supersede such petty concerns. Right? *incandescent with rage*

    No, it *doesn't* mean that! Just because you are elected toppublic office doesn't mean you (or your security team) are entitled to flout the law! I don't *care* if you are in greater danger because of the office you hold. That's why you get a security team! But that *doesn't* (or *shouldn't* at least) make you "more equal" than the rest of the citizenry just because obeying the law might put you at greater risk of assassination, and *dis*obeying it might lower your risk level. It. Is. Irrelevant.

    God bless this mayor for refusing to bend before the might of petulant, self-entitled bureaucrats!
    🙂 If only there were more like him.

  4. I commend the new mayor. I suspect he has made some new enemies. I'd watch my six if I was him. Cutting off the gravy train can be hazardous for your health.

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