Now that’s what I call a Christmas pudding!

Readers who were raised in the grand old tradition of English christmas puddings, stuffed with fruit and nuts, infused with brandy and port, and with sixpences (yes, I remember sixpences!) in each slice, ready to break the teeth of the unwary, will be glad to know that there’s a very acceptable modern version available to US shoppers.

I ordered two of them late last week, having forgotten to do so earlier in the month.  As a result, I had to order the only brand guaranteed by Amazon to arrive by Christmas eve.  That was serendipity, because they turned out to be the tastiest Christmas puddings I’ve eaten in many years.  I steamed them for two hours in the traditional manner, and they came out wonderfully (served with custard, of course).  Sixpenny pieces are hard to come by these days, and we’re rather too old to require that sort of motivation, so we didn’t bother with them.

Delicious! – and highly recommended if you like ye olde-fashioned Christmas pudding, whether or not it happens to be that time of year.


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  1. Normally have sixpences in the Christmas pudding my father makes, though this year for some reason they weren't there. They get recycled year after year

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