Of hamsters, cars, cups and dogs

I’m obliged to the anonymous reader who sent me a link to this tale of woe from Texas.

Stuck in typical Sugar Land traffic, I was just sitting there waiting for the light to change, when all of a sudden I saw some small creature run in front of my Jeep before it just stopped directly in front of me.

I couldn’t tell if it was a rat or kitten or baby something and I didn’t want it to get smushed, so I put my Jeep in park and got out real quick to see what it was.

When I got closer, I saw it was a hamster! Yes, a wild hamster! And it was just frozen in fear in front of my headlights on University Blvd.

It wasn’t moving so I grabbed it by its tiny little scruff and carried it to my jeep – with zero plan of what to do with it.

It still wasn’t moving and my dog was still groggy and asleep in the backseat, so the only thing I could think of was to just stick it in my empty 32 oz Yeti cup and put the lid on it.

Once the light turned green and I hit the gas all hell literally broke loose!

The feral little creature suddenly woke up, pushed the lid off my drink cup and leaped straight up and out of it!

Clearly terrified, it was straddling my air vent, at which time my dog decided to wake up.

My dog instantly realized an unknown furry creature had invaded her domain and she immediately lunged at it from the back seat – growling, snapping and snarling, which in turn transformed the cute little hamster into a cracked-out, bouncing ball of fur and teeth running all over the inside of my Jeep with my dog losing her mind trying to catch it!

There’s more at the link.

You really should go read the rest of the story . . . particularly the reaction of a passing policeman.



  1. If you love something, set it free.

    If your dog chases it around the car and eats it, it was probably his or hers.

  2. Copied/Posted this on my timeline and in a couple groups – the reactions have been that it's hilarious, like something from LawDog!

  3. that why your dog should always be secured in the car – wither a cage or a harness locked to the seat belt ..

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