1. I'm sure that the inner city person in the picture has no concept of history – past or more recent. Chalk that up to no eduction in the home and a school system that no longer teaches history.

  2. THIS-IS-SPARTA! is the answer to your question:) to borrow a line from another great movie..their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  3. That coincidence is just too delicious. I suspect malarkey. Or Loki. Or just God having a tremendously wicked (in a totally sinless, absolutely Holy and Righteous way, of course) sense of humor. Oh, man… And what a spectacular indictment of that school's teachers and curriculum! The students don't even know anything about the origin of their freaking team's name! *epic facepalm* These people even fail at *sports* for goodness sake! Verily, the mind doth boggle.

  4. And the fact that the hoodie she's wearing also has the statement "Molon Labe", which translates to "Come and Take them", makes it doubly hypocritical… Complete lack of knowledge about history right there!

  5. Oh, it's even worse, Robert. Zoom all the way in on the picture. It has "Come and take them" in English below the "Molon Labe"!

    I think I broke something laughing…

  6. Ignorance often leads to inept ironies such as this. It shows the pathetic state of her education.

  7. Gonna come up with a cure for cancer, that one is…

    Most days I'm a fan of the argument that there's far too much abortion in America.
    So it's nice to see the occasional evidence for the opposing side from time to time, just to keep the discussion honest.

  8. Hey Peter;

    And if you look behind her, don't that look like the media darling Hogg? Getting his 15 minutes of fame?

  9. I suspect the Spartans would be in complete agreement with this young lady. An organization dedicated to keeping the Helots armed? I can't see that flying with them

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