Oh, well played, sir!


The blogger at HMS Defiant recently mentioned that “India called today and told me to f*** off“.  In the comments to that post, MSG Grumpy provided this gem.

I used to get quite upset when the Indian call centers took an interest…

No more, Now I treasure each and every call.

You see as an Evangelical Christian I consider it a blessing to have people contact me and beg for the Good News.

One word of caution though, you must be sincere in your desire to help the soul in need of salvation…

One example:

I was contacted by a very polite woman from the Microsoft help center about the Horrible error codes my computer was sending to the world. I was quite polite as I chatted with this Lady and since my computer had to be primed kick started to get it running we had time to discuss God’s Grace and how the paycheck was great, but what does that teach your children and Eternity in Hell is not worth any amount of cash. In the end she agreed to stop in her local church and ask for a bible. I hung up and the young lady never did get to ask about my computer problems, oh well.

Same scene next day, this time an older gentleman from Microsoft again is concerned about my computer problems, and I again begin to share the Good News…

At which point he started screaming and cussing a blue streak threatening me with all manner of bodily injury as well and suggesting I do several biologically awkward as well as physically impossible things to myself.

And he yelled all of this because “he had lost three of his best workers because of me”

I am sad that I have never again gotten a call from Microsoft…

But those wonderful people who care so much about my car warranty, my Taxes and my burial plans have more than made up for that loss.

It is the little things in life that bring me Joy.

I daresay the Lord Himself approves of that approach.  I certainly do!



  1. I have actually thought about doing something like this.

    "You know, don't you, that at the end of the age God will judge the living and the dead, and won't look well on phone scams."

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