OK, that’s clever!

Full marks for creativity to the advertising agency (presumably Japanese) that came up with this advertisement for ‘beautiful and fast’ Windows 8.

It won’t persuade me to upgrade to the new version of Windows, but it certainly put a smile on my face!



  1. That wasn't Japanese. The language sounded like Cantonese, but I have a lot of trouble telling the difference between that and Mandarin.

  2. Didn't sound like Japanese to me, either. The resounding faceplant is something I'm often tempted to do, directly into the keyboard.

  3. So Win8 is like being berated by a Chinese dominatrix and then slamming your face against a table?

    Okay then….


  4. BGM @ 1239

    Yes, only Win8 isn't as much fun. Not that I have extensive first hand knowledge of Chinese dominatrices. That I can remember; memories of back then are kinda fuzzy.

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