OK, that’s a good excuse!

I was set back on my heels a bit this morning at a local car repair shop.  I’d been in there on Monday last week to arrange to have them look at some electrical problems on my pickup.  They’d promised to call me on Thursday or Friday last week to set an appointment, but didn’t do so.

I found the owner outside, and asked him, “What’s up?  Why no phone call?”

“Waal, one o’ my mechanics cut his foot off last Thursday with a brush hawg.  We been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kickin’ contest coverin’ his work as well as our own!”

Er . . . yeah . . . that’s a pretty darn good excuse!  I promised to be patient until he could slot me into his suddenly over-full schedule.

(The mechanic’s going to be OK.  He’s had surgery to straighten up the stump, and will be fitted for a prosthetic foot soon.  Needless to say, everyone’s already calling him ‘Stumpy’!)



  1. Yeah, you're not supposed to stick your feet, or anything else that has a pulse under those things. They are extremely unforgiving.

  2. I used to run a Ford 8N with a 5 foot shredder on it. If I remember right, the clutch didn't stop the pto. The shredder acted like a flywheel on a one lung engine, kept things moving!! I did that in junior high. Had to time when to stop or you'd get pushed past your turn. Dad warned me to NEVER get off the tractor when shredding unless the engine was off, and both brakes set.

    The Massey Ferguson (I almost left that as initials) that we had was much better, but the shredder threw stickers all over your back unless you tied a tater sack between the fenders…..

    Ah, the joys of youth….. No cab, 105 in the shade, with just a cowboy hat and a wet handkerchief to keep you cool.


  3. Waal, better to be teased and called Stumpy the rest of your life than be dead and called Dumb-A$$. Or Darwin Award Winner.
    Farm machinery is wicked dangerous.

  4. I stay in the seat until the Bush Hog is at full stop. A neighbor was neutered by a power takeoff when I was a kid

  5. Machinery don't care, it's gonna get fed if you put parts in its mouth. Glad he's going to be OK.

  6. So glad he is ok. You have a great way of telling a story! "brush hawg"….I had to laugh…I'll ask forgiveness. :: )

    It was lovely meeting you and the Mrs.

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