OK, that’s some clever carving!

I woke up this morning to find that three readers had independently sent me this picture.  I don’t know its source.

A clever design and great execution.  It’s a pity it was left attached to the stump . . . that would look great in a museum or exhibition, or even in someone’s home as a central talking point.



  1. To find that just sitting in a yard, or out in the woods would be amazing. Somethings just need to be where they are..

    I am really impressed with artists, I'd never see anything more than a large stump sitting there yet some artist saw that. Just amazing.

    You writers do it too….

  2. No way, attached to the stump is awesome! If anything, dig up the stump, power wash all the dirt off it and make it look like they are pouring molten wood into a stump mold… any artist could carve the fluid pouring out of the bucket, but attached to the stump makes it special… in my opinion.

  3. Always great to see there are still brilliant and creative individuals in the world who are highly motivated to boot—completely impervious to the social and political climate and trends of late.

  4. Iv'e aspired to be an artist forever, but seeing what a sculptor can do just astounds me. I always think of creating something from nothing is awesome, but reducing a mass to things like this or any other similar stone carving, just blows my mind.

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