Old NFO’s book is out!

Another friend and fellow blogger has written a book – and it’s a good one.  J. L. Curtis, who blogs as Old NFO, has released ‘The Grey Man‘, parts of which were serialized on his blog before he began rewriting and polishing the stories for release in book form.

He’s published it in Amazon.com’s Kindle format and Barnes & Noble’s Nook format. There’s also a print edition for those who prefer the dead tree format.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the pre-publication excerpts I’ve read, and I’ve already ordered the published version.  Congratulations, Jim – now get cracking on the sequel!



  1. I may pick up a copy of the print edition. I prefer the dead tree format for several reasons: I can read without using batteries that contain mercury and other toxins, I don't need to purchase an expensive piece of technology to read a real book, trees are a resource that are easily replaced (especially those used for paper production), I can use the pages of a book as a fire starter and as a last resort I can use the pages to wipe my tokas (just try that with a Kindle or Nook). ;>)

    All the best,

  2. Congrats! It's a lot of work, but hitting the big "PRINT" button when you are finally done is very satisfying. When the next one coming out?

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