On the mend

I’m beginning to feel a little more human, after being hit with a steroid injection and five more medications to take every day (on top of those I already take post-heart-attack and post-spinal-fusion . . . I rattle like a pillbox when I walk!).

The doctor told me I didn’t have flu, as I thought – I had an allergy that had weakened my immune system enough to allow a mold or fungal infection to ‘piggyback’ on top of it.  I wasn’t in a good way at all when I saw him yesterday morning.  One of his assistants told me (rather crossly) that if I’d waited another day, it would have meant a hospital bed and IV infusions for a couple of days.  I’m glad it didn’t come to that.  Still, it was bad enough.  (Miss D. has been displaying a lesser set of my symptoms recently.  She’ll be seeing the doctor this morning to make sure they don’t get any worse.  I wouldn’t wish this crud on anyone!)

I’m now in the curious position of feeling worse for feeling better!  The medications are certainly working, and I can feel improvement already.  However, they’re also loosening up all the crud and congestion that had accumulated, so it makes it difficult to sleep.  I had a good five-hour rest after taking the first pills, but last night I was up and down like a yo-yo, unable to stop the post-nasal drip producing coughing and spluttering whenever I tried to sleep.  I guess I’ll have to put up with that for a couple of days while things drain.  I can cat-nap in a chair (if the cat will let me, that is . . . when I sleep in a chair, she seems to take it as a personal challenge to stalk and pounce me from every possible angle!).

Still, I’m glad to be on the mend.  I’ve still got a lot of work to do preparing my next book for publication.  I’d hoped to have it ready for Monday, but I suspect that won’t happen – unless I can get the e-book version out then, and have the paperback edition ready later that week.  We’ll see.  Thank you all for the good wishes and prayers.



  1. Sleeping with post nasal drip / stuff nose was really helped when I was prescribed a CPAP for a remedy for my sleep apnea. The rushing air really dries out the sinuses and allows me to breathe much easier.

    Sorry for the after effects of your medications, but look at it this way – at least you are on the mend, rather than the other way around. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I'm very glad you're feeling better. This is one of my favorite daily reads and you've helped me win a few bets.

  3. I do hope this finds you on the mend. Tending to Dad after he took a bad fall at home, but I'll be in and out the next couple of weeks.

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