On the road again

Miss D. and I will be heading to Gulf Shores, AL tomorrow for a couple of weeks’ vacation.  We haven’t had an extended break like this since we married in 2010, so we’re really looking forward to it.  We’re both tired and drained after a very busy year and lots of hard work.  We’re going to be there in time for the local shrimp festival, which offers all sorts of gastronomic anticipation.  There’s also the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola, FL, which is only a few minutes from where we’ll be staying.  I’ve been there before, but Miss D. hasn’t, so (being a pilot) she’s in for a treat.

Blogging will continue while I’m on vacation – after all, it’s an integral part of my life!  However, the frequency of posting may lag a bit.  I’ll probably post more at night or in the early morning, and less during the day.  If a blog post smells a bit like shrimp poached in white wine with garlic, you’ll have to forgive me . . .



  1. Thanks for the link.

    I've been blogging about Ebola since back in July, and there are a number of recent posts on the subject at my blog. Just by following open sources and basic medical common sense, it was clear back then that WHO and CDC were full of horsefeathers about how this outbreak was going to progress, and even more obvious that it went sideways and got away from them months ago.

    Nonetheless, despite 12 false alarms here, nobody, particularly the CDC, took this seriously, and now it's here.

    I've been a nurse for two decades, mostly in the busiest ERs anywhere. At this point, I have bid adieu to my employer for an indefinite period.

    I refuse to die just because TPTB are too stupid to manage this correctly.

    If you're looking to buy anything for this outbreak, it should be canned food, water storage and purification supplies, and whatever your version of "enough" is with regards to ammunition.

    Which is good advice in general for any contingency.
    I hope they get a handle on things in Dallas before it gets out of hand.

    But please remember that this got here because of the government's (mis)handling of the issue, not in spite of it, and always with profit, convenience, and normalcy favored over the safety of the nation.

    Make any plans with that knowledge firmly in mind.

    Also be aware that until Sept. 19th, the opening sentence on the CDC's Ebola fact sheet noted
    "we still do not know exactly how people are infected with Ebola".
    They took it down, but the science underlying that statement is still true.

    So please remember that phrase every time some government talking head starts selling you a bunch of happygas about how unlikely something is, or how hard it is to get infected with Ebola, or any number of other counter-scientific PR falsehoods intended to calm everyone down rather than convey information.

    Disinformation may be hazardous to your health.

    Best wishes,

  2. I grew up on that coast, there's some other nifty stuff not too far from there as well. The USS Alabama in Mobile, the USAF Armament museum near Ft Walton Beach FL, and the Army Aviation Museum at Ft Rucker Alabama.

  3. Can't remember how close it is to Pensacola, but if it's close, head over to Maguires in P'cola for dinner. Outstanding restaurant. have a great vacation!

  4. And here I thought you were headed for the High Plains .. Have fun wherever you are and give that lady a hug for me .

  5. Peter,
    I just started following your Blog. Enjoying the back articles. Gulf Shores is just around the corner from me here in South Mississippi. Enjoy you vacation.


  6. Check the Blue Angels web site for their practice schedule, they may have one while you are there. Free to the public and runway-side seating!

  7. Oh… Stop by LuLu's and get the crab claws!

    We came right past it, and stopped in the adjoining marina for a night – we had a great time. It is right on the ICW on the East side of Mobile Bay.

    (Lulu is Jimmy Buffett's sister. You know, the Margaritaville guy.)

    Cap'n Jan

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