On the road again

Miss D. and I are on the road again, to attend the LTUE convention (Life, the Universe and Everything) in Utah.  Blogging will be lighter than usual for a few days.  I’ll try to post when I can, but that may not be too often.

I’ll be grateful if those of you so inclined will please say a prayer or two for traveling mercies.  I’ve not had much exposure to snow, ice, etc., and I suspect there’s a lot more of that in Utah than there is in Texas!  We’ll see how my gimpy back and leg, and rubber-tipped walking stick, handle it.

See ya on the flip side.



  1. Get some of those ice grippers for your footwear. They're a stretchy rubber overshoe looking deal with replaceable carbide nubs. Mine have like 6 on the front and two on the heel. They're great on the ice. I think they even make crutch and cane tips along the same lines.

    They last a long time too I've had mine for over 10 years and only had to replace 1 of the little carbide nubs.

  2. Utah has been very warm and snow free this year. Especially the Salt Lake City area. You'll only see the ice and snow in the mountains at the moment.


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