On the road for a few days

Miss D. and I will be traveling for a few days, and not often within reach of Internet access.  There’s been a death in her family, and we’re on our way to the funeral.

Blog posting will be light and intermittent, depending on when I can find time to write a post and when I can get Internet access to put it up.  Regular service should resume around the middle of next week.  Until then, please amuse yourselves with the blogs listed in my sidebar.  There are good writers there, too!

Thanks.  Those of you who are thus inclined, please say a prayer for our traveling safety – and that my kidney stone doesn’t become too painful.  I’m kinda worried about that, but we don’t exactly have a choice in the matter.



  1. Be careful out there! And may your kidney stone dissolve while you are traveling. Hugs to Miss D.

  2. Just a question… Wouldn't it be faster to fly? I mean, you've got a pilot with her own plane and such…. Condolences to Miz D., And yourself, Peter….

  3. John, this time of year, Miss D's plane would be a bit slow and bouncy. BTDT, and light single-engine planes are the reason they invented barf-bags for passengers, and the phrase "time to spare? Go by air."

    Although, playing glider in a Cessna 172 (larger than Miss D's plane) and thermaling up over three thousand feet at 700 feet-per-minute was fun. Being passed by the trucks on the 55 mph highway was not so fun. Spending a few extra days here and there because of weather when I really, really had to be somewhere was Not Fun.


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