On the road to Blogorado 2017

Along with our friends and fellow bloggers from all over the country, Miss D. and I are on the road today, heading for our annual Blogorado rendezvous.  For the Columbus Day weekend, we’ll be consuming mammoth quantities of food and firing off enough ammunition to cater for at least one hunting season (or stock the arsenals of a decent-sized police force).  It’s our yearly opportunity to reunite as a tribe, and we’re all looking forward to it very much.

Blogging will be sparse as a result.  We’ll be spending most of our days far out in the country, where the Internet isn’t available.  I’ll put up posts as and when I can, but they’ll probably be fewer than normal.  If you run short of reading matter, please amuse yourselves with the blogs listed in my sidebar.  They’re good folks.

Following our gathering, Miss D. and I will return via a circuitous route.  We’re going to take a few days to check some locations where my third Western novel, to be published next year, will be set.  We’ll be heading into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, then into historic Navajo territory, before turning back towards our home in Texas.

Have a great Columbus Day weekend – and given the current uninformed, politically motivated opposition to any positive mention of him, use it to do something politically incorrect!  I’m going to fire off a couple of hundred rounds of buckshot in his honor (and test a new shotgun while I’m at it).



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