On the road to Blogorado 2019

Miss D. and I left this morning on our journey to Colorado, where we’ll join a group of fellow bloggers, writers and shooting enthusiasts for our annual Blogorado gathering.

We’re not looking forward to the weather!  Yesterday the temperature at our destination dropped by almost 60 degrees (Fahrenheit), and tonight it’s supposed to be in the teens.  In contrast, here in north Texas we’ve had days in the mid- to upper 80’s for the past week or two, and pleasantly (but not excessively) cool nights.  We’re not packing our open-toed sandals for Colorado, but rather warm shoes, heavy jackets, gloves and other anti-shivering devices.

We normally spend our days out on a shooting range established by our hosts on part of their farm.  I suspect there’ll be less of that this year, particularly for Thursday and Friday, because the wind whistling down the grasslands from the Arctic Circle and Canada is enough to freeze bits that you really don’t want frozen.  If things warm up enough, we’ll get some shooting in on Saturday or Sunday.

We’ve already packed two coolers with all the food we bought the other day.  We’ll be cooking supper for the gathering on Friday night, with the eager assistance of several other visitors.  I think a good German meal will drive away the early winter collywobbles very nicely.

Blogging will be sparse for a few days.  I’ll try to post a daily update on how things are going, but there won’t be more than that.  We’ll be back home by Monday evening, God willing, so normal service will be resumed on Tuesday.

Say a prayer for us for traveling mercies, if you’re so inclined.



  1. We're several hundred miles north of where you're headed so that storm came Tuesday night. Temps dropped 20 degrees in the first hour and kept moving. Luckily, the ground is still warm enough that even with highs below freezing the snow is melting quickly.

  2. That storm hit the northern Rockies too – 12" of snow and single digit temps last night. Safe travels to you and Miss D.

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