On the road to Blogorado 2020!


Miss D. and I are traveling to Secret Blogger Rendezvous in Colorado today, where we’ll spend the Columbus Day weekend participating in our annual Blogorado gathering.  (You can read more about previous get-togethers by clicking here.)

We’ve already done our shopping at Fischers in Muenster, TX, where we stocked up on bratwurst, bockwurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad (served warm), onion and smoked Cheddar cheese, and other goodies.  We’re bringing enough with us for everyone to enjoy for supper one night.  Due to the current ammunition shortage, we’re bringing less ammo than we normally would;  I’ve restricted us to only 2,000 rounds.  (Yes, it’s good to have a well-stocked ammo stash for this sort of thing!)  Some we’ll shoot this weekend, and some will be donated to a local FFA chapter, because the kids have trouble finding (let alone affording) ammo at times like these, for their regular get-togethers.  (Note to urban liberals:  yes, of course shooting is a part of FFA activities in rural areas!  You were expecting maybe tiddlywinks?)

Blogging will be sparse until we return.  I’ll try to post one article each day, describing what we’ve been doing, but don’t worry if I miss a day – it’ll simply mean we’ve been having too much fun, and keeping too busy, to post!  Normal blogging should resume next week on Tuesday, October 13th.  Meanwhile, please keep us in your prayers for traveling safety.



  1. I don’t think urban liberals read this blog. Their heads might explode. Hmmm….if I knew any, I might just be tempted to direct them here! Ha!
    Have fun at Blogorado!

  2. Just to be clear – you're meeting at a secret location with other bloggers but you don't necessarily want your readers to know where it is.

    That about right?

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