On the road to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a new convention for us


Miss D. and I are on our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we’ll be attending Tulkon, the Tulsa Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention.  It’s a relatively new con, and still rather small, but almost all the North Texas Troublemakers are heading there for the weekend.  I’ll let Jim Curtis, a.k.a. Old NFO, introduce our group.

Yes, I’m an NTT, and so is my wife.  All of us hope to contribute to Tulkon, this year and in forthcoming events, and help to make it a bit bigger (and wilder) than it has been.  You can follow us on our YouTube channel, and on a Web site we’re in the process of setting up.

We’ll be interrupting our journey so I can attend a doctor’s appointment halfway to Tulsa.  I have to see a specialist for a second opinion, and since there aren’t always the right doctors available in the Itchy Paw Falls area, we have to travel to see one.  Fortunately, this one is not far off our route to Tulkon, so we can kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

Regular blogging will probably be interrupted while Tulkon is going on.  I’ll try to post once per day, but might not be able to do so more than once, unless I find I have time on my hands (unlikely, knowing our lot!)  We’ll be home late Sunday, and I hope regular blogging will resume on Monday.

Meanwhile, to set the tone for Tulkon (which will, I promise you, be the opposite of this!) here’s one of the latest protest songs from Five Times August.  It’s a raised middle finger in the eyes of the politically correct.  Lyrics, if you need them, are on the song’s YouTube page.


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  1. Have fun with the rest of the Troublemakers!

    If you guys meet much more often, you'll have to break out Robert's Rules. 😉

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