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I’ve said before that there is no voting our way out of the political mess left behind after the massively fraudulent November 2020 elections.  I honestly don’t think we can resolve the situation through another election, because it’ll be just as fraudulent as the last one.  It’s going to take more than elections to dig our way out of the political and constitutional Augean stables in which we find ourselves.

I’m obliged to TwelveRound for putting the situation in a nutshell.

The sight of politicians, especially Republican politicians, bemoaning the state of affairs is more than a sane person can take, if that description still fits. The U.S. is in a full-blown Constitutional crisis, caused by the lack of integrity of the Republicans as the opposition party. The Democrats are communist and have been for a while, but only lately have we discovered why Republicans have for the longest time lacked spine. It’s not weakness, it’s corruption so deep that they can’t even do what is in their political best interest, much less the people’s.

The election fraud is so pervasive that it doesn’t speak to the level of fraud in our elections, it speaks to the level of corruption throughout the government. The DOJ refusing to look at the fraud in any state, but threatening to intervene where fraud is being discovered is only part of the story.

Where have the Republicans been? Where have their voices gone? Any of them who do not raise concerns about the 2020 election when 51% of the people across all ages, races and political affiliation believe that it was a crooked election, are complicit. The polls are enough for all of the Republicans to demand investigations, safeguard the audits and demand forensic audits in all of the states, but they’re like Bowe Bergdahl, leading patriots into oblivion.

Compromised voting machines did not just switch votes from Trump to Biden. How many of those election results were purchased by Republicans? Is all of the silence coming out of the GOP a sign that a good many of them retained their seats through backroom deals and crooked counts? Are they complicit in crimes being uncovered under Trump? There IS a reason, whatever it is, for their silence. It’s dirty and it’s allowing for the further degradation of the nation.

Does anyone really believe in the honor and integrity of anyone in politics? Really? One, maybe two of your favorites, perhaps. It’s not enough. This nation is in a tough spot, especially the Americans who make it run. There are no safe harbors, no honest advocates. How long do they expect them to accept this ruse? This blatant puppet show?

Everyone in power, whatever position that might be, from the Senate Minority Leader on down, want to keep that power and by ignoring the glaring lack of legal authority in the nation, they can hold onto power long enough to loot the treasury, draw their pension, or make their wage. But it’s dangerous and the lives of every American is in jeopardy.

Why does China now threaten Taiwan? Because the United States is weak, corrupt, distracted or all three. Those in political office do not take up the cause of the people, they seek power and do not honor their oaths, so that their power might be retained even under a different ruling power than the United State of America. What have they done to honor our elections? What have they done to support the Constitution? They don’t and they don’t even care if we know it, because they have very likely already taken the loot, most have.

. . .

… there are indications of treason that go beyond just the election, something evil; treason on a scale before unimaginable. I raise the alarm only to ask the question: What then? What happens when it is so evil as to be nearly impossible to believe? We cannot afford cognitive dissonance that so easily presents itself. What happens when the goal is no longer even preservation of the union, but simply to die with honor? In the absence of law, but replaced with raw, legalized brutality, what then? We saw it, it exposed itself during the trial run, the pandemic. Cops and now a dumbed-down, castrated military under the guidance of ignorant, complicit pukes like Mark Milley, will gain favors breaking our backs, if we allow it. That description may not be true of the military today, but anyone “in” right now understands that’s the direction; to provide a weakened, distracted, woke-obsessed military so that when the bad guys do come, our military will be busy brushing each other’s hair.

There’s more at the link.  I highly recommend that you click over there and read the whole thing.

We are not going to vote our way out of this.  That’s no longer possible.  I suspect the solution may have to be some form of division or partition of these formerly United States, where the statists can go their way while the constitutionalists can go another.  Of course, that begs the question whether either side will have the sense to let that happen, or will insist that they want all the marbles – complete surrender by the other side.  That’s not going to happen.  We all know that.  That way lies civil war.

Meanwhile, our enemies abroad are making hay while the sun shines.  They know the USA is effectively leaderless, hamstrung by a mentally challenged geriatric in the White House who’s being stage-managed by his handlers in what is blatant elder abuse, and torn by partisan division in Congress.  They know that our nation is now a house divided:  and, as Christ warned us, “if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand“.  They’re counting on that.  They foresee the fall of the United States as a superpower, and they’re salivating at the prospect.

Friends, we face a very, very difficult time ahead.  Our problems – political, social, economic and cultural – are so vast as to be intractable.  I don’t know whether there’s any solution short of war that will deal with them;  and, even if there is, it’ll take years to work itself out.

All I can advise, to each of us as individuals and as families, is to prepare as best we can, and look for like-minded folks with whom we can come together for mutual support.  We’ll get precious little support from the powers that be.  Our own clans, tribes and communities are going to be critically important in the years to come.



  1. What a waste, you're “obliged” to a geriatric QueefTard (TwelveRound). Fucking worthless you are.

  2. Not sure what tier2actual is ranting about.

    I had hopes the audits might right the wrong but that hope is fleeting at best. When the biggest corps roll over to the woke mob we are sinking beneath the waves.

    Keep your powder dry and you friends close. It is going to get a lot worse soon.

  3. Given that the US (and the West too but that isn't germane here) is undergoing a civilizational collapse and an ecological collapse in the West in the form of a mega drought with no end in sight , things are going to get ugly.

    If we can get an authoritarian, rational and populist Right Wing government in play it might be possible for a patch and fix but our natural habits of corruptions adn cheap labor may make it impossible

    So it looks like the only option is to be prepared and understand that this might be Fall of Rome level bad happening in decades instead of centuries.

  4. Peter you seem to have gravely Offended two special snowflakes (or as I suspect One fellow two screennames). T2 and Hedge? Are you Liberals' trying to score a coup point or something?

    If reading something "Triggers" you so much, what difference can you show me between You and the Leftist Snowflakes we laugh at around here?

    As John Locke said: “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box.”

    Ballot box FAILED

    Jury Box has been doing poorly but efforts continue.

    Once you get to open the cartridge box THE REPUBLIC as we knew it is DEAD. Your just doing a revenge killing on it's murderers.

    As much as it hurts me your last two small paragraphs are accurate.

  5. i just red that 22 states are now looking to audit the election results, so there is hope. but hope is not a plan, and to prepare is commanded by scripture and common sense both. that said, texas and other states are scurrying to nullify the fedgov edicts. in 1860 this led to war. surely the fedgov will not let this stand. if they continue to ignore it, then the republic is already over and we better be getting somewhere to ride out the next few years. but i think slojoe's handlers will eventually, too late, pivot to assert fedgov authority and likely over react causing the big breakup. as with the wiemar, those that produced something essential fared well while others starved.

  6. "I suspect the solution may have to be some form of division or partition of these formerly United States, where the statists can go their way while the constitutionalists can go another. "

    That is the reasonable way forward. But it's also the path to defeat.

    Where do you get the idea that your opponents are reasonable? We are in this 'boat' because they are most certainly not reasonable. They have infiltrated all the organs of the State and turned them against the population and the constitution.

    The constitutionalists can try to go their separate way, but do you think your opponents will let you alone to tread your own path ?

    What did they do over the last thirty years so as we are in the situation we find ourselves now?

  7. BRM, I have argued for years now that the best of all possible outcomes would be a peaceful split, a la The Czech Republic and Slovkia. It must be relatively clear to even the most high minded of conservatives that their opposition views them very poorly – yet even with viewing them poorly, they still feel they must have control over their lives. We obviously disagree about a great many things and are less united than ever – are there even really any ties that bind us now? – but in all of this, there is the firm resolve that we can discuss nothing but sticking together.

    Having been around more than one abusive relationship, the parallels are apparent to anyone who will see.

  8. If the author only recently noticed that the GOP has no spine, he isn't terribly observant. Presumably he'll soon discover that water is wet.

  9. Any government has two legitimate purposes and duties, first to protect and defend its citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic, second to provide a structure of laws to peacefully settle all disputes.
    The blue cities and states are failing at both.
    At the same time they are forcing their own agenda of gaining power by the transfer of wealth from those who create it to those who desire to have it without earning or deserving it.
    Remember, government creates nothing, those statists know or soon will that for them to survive they must control the rest of us, use our efforts to continue to leech that necessary for their future existence.
    So there can never be a peaceful division of America for those who profit from the labors of we others simply cannot allow it.

  10. As I keep saying, I call the GOP the "GO Along to GET Along with the DEMS" Party. I trust them not.

  11. Ecclesiastes 1:9
    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    Empires come and empires go. Some with a bang and others with a whimper. According to Strauss Howe we are in a fourth turning. There will not be any peaceful separation and unlike in the 1860's there are no clear territorial lines of separation. The Bluest of States have large rural areas that are deep red. The reddest of states have large cities and towns with universities and colleges that are bastions of Marxism.

    We relocated to a homestead on 63 acres in a deep red county in the mountains of NC 5 years ago and have been working on becoming as self sufficient as possible but the clock is ticking down. Folks in this area still have their Trump signs up and there weren't any Biden signs decorating yards. Seems a lot of people are still hoping that the election will be over turned and if not that 2022 & 2024 will be different this time at the election box. But as has been said hope is not a plan.

    All we wanted was to be left alone and that didn't work well for Jefferson Davis or the confederacy. For far too long in our desire to be left alone we turned the other cheek and ignored one transgression after another and the enemies of Liberty now feel that they can openly reach for ultimate power. They do not realize just how dangerous that man is who just wished to be left alone when he is pushed to the point where he has nothing left to lose, but I am afraid they will soon find out.

  12. Yes, echo and amplify above comments about the nonsense of a split or peaceful division. Anyone who thinks the Oligarchy will allow any valuable piece of territory to exist outside their control is daydreaming. We already see hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from Illinois, NY, CA, and other areas controlled by the marxists. Any attempt at dividing up the US will only be East/West Germany on steroids. A collectivist system cannot allow a competing system to exist that will drain sway the talent and capital. (Just look at the extremes that CA and NY go to when anyone with wealth tries to leave the state).

    We have to free ourselves of this notion that half the country supports the collectivist nonsense. That's a lie and propaganda. The reality is closer to 10% true believers, 10% opportunists for graft they get, and another 20% who don't care and want to be left alone. Once we realize that it's a very small number of people who are causing the problems we will forget about this defeatist talk and giving up large sections of the country populated with good patriots. This war is fought in the mind, with perceptions and fake news, fake polls, fake elections. Don't be deceived.

  13. Jimmy, presumably you'll figure out it wasn't the author who made that observation. Try to keep up.

  14. One thing that people forget is that the state legislatures control how elections are done – from top to bottom. In all four of the swing states, the legislatures were controlled by the Republican Party. They made the changes that allowed the Democrats to cheat, and then they certified the fraudulent elections and Presidential electors. Courts will not intervene, and the Republicans knew that. It was no surprise to see all of the lawsuits get tossed out of court – and the Supreme Court also chose not to intervene. The Republican Party threw this election like a fixed prize fight, and then accused the Democrats of stealing it. In actuality, both parties worked together to thwart the will of the electorate, If you think that there is any hope in either party changing things, then you've fallen for the old, old trick – the Republican-Democrat Rope-a-Dope.

    1. Stream: just a few corrections.

      1. MI legislature is not GOP controlled. Neither is NV. WI is iffy.

      2. A very important part of the fraud was that it was *not* the legislatures that made most of the changes. In PA for example, it was the governor, the sec of state and state supreme court that unilaterally changed the laws that greatly enabled the fraud. The PA legislature actually filed suit prior to the election and was told suit was premature then again after the election and told too late (talk about whipsawed!). In GA, the fraud was enabled by a crooked consent decree entered into between a marxist lawfare group and the sec of state without legislators being advised. AZ, WI, and MI had pretty good safeguards in place but the cheaters blew right past them and judges refused to do a thing.

      3. That said, i agree w you that the GOPe colluded with Democrats big time to ensure that Trump wouldn't be reelected or take office. Expecting these weasels to do anything now is utter fantasy. It really is a Uniparty now and has been for…decades?

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