Our police had a wild time yesterday

As I was filling our vehicle with gas before we left for our road trip yesterday, Miss D. and I witnessed an absolute flood of police vehicles charging through surface streets in our area, all ending up on Highway 287 heading east.  I personally counted no less than 15 cars and SUV’s, all with lights and sirens, from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Wichita County Sheriff, a couple of local police departments, and a few unmarked units for good measure, all tearing up the tarmac.

Turns out they were involved in a very nasty incident involving a man and woman from Oklahoma.  This news report gives more details.  Briefly, the man kidnapped the woman, whom a local cop told me was his former girlfriend, allegedly on the principle that if he couldn’t have her, no-one else would.  He forced her to drive with him from Norman, OK to Burkburnett, TX, where he had some sort of family connection.  Local cops were alerted, spotted his car, and the chase was on.  It ended five miles east of Vernon, TX, with the young lady stabbed several times, and the suspect deceased.

The young lady was reported (by the cop I spoke to) to be in very serious condition, but it appears her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.  That’s progress of a sort, I guess.  The man who kidnapped her won’t be doing that again – or anything else, for that matter.  The local cops don’t mess around.  If you pull a gun, you’ve just made yourself a target.  I can’t disapprove of that attitude.

Please say a prayer for the young lady, and for the families involved, if you’re so inclined.  This is the sort of trauma that some of them may never live down.



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