Own goal – high explosive edition


Isn’t it nice when bad things happen to bad people – and even nicer when they do bad things to themselves?

At least 21 Islamic State (IS) militants were killed after a suicide bomber blew his car-bomb’s horn in farewell to other jihadists in a remote area of Samarra, Salahaddin province.

Commander of Samarra Operations Command, Jabbar Daraji, said the suicide bomber and his vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) were prepared for an attack on a police checkpoint.

“The suicide bomber blew a horn to say goodbye to the other IS militants, and this detonated the bombs,” the commander explained.

There’s more at the link.

I bet the ghosts of the many, many ISIS victims in that part of the world were laughing fit to beat the band as the terrorists’ ghosts filed past disconsolately . . .



  1. Talk about getting blown up…utilities are sending electricity TO windmills to keep them from freezing in this blast…winds are too strong to keep the turbines running…it's gotta get REAL cold to freeze heating oil and natural gas lines…and that woodpile makes a great windbreak…maybe Xiden can order up some equatorian heat since he was wise enough to shut down Keystone.

    The answer is MORE MASKS. C'mon, man…About a half-dozen…wool…big enough to hide dimocrat corruption…piled up on the bed…tonight in TX if the 3 dogs don't get lost in the blizzard.

    Did we just have a mock impeachment and poor Mitch just sat there…washing his hands.


    NEJM and Lancet editors both state…"the majority of medical research in the 21st century is fraudulent"…but climate science is immune to funding pressures…as is history…and public opinion.

    "I will not interfere with your second amendment rights to hunt"…Ha. I have to laugh…and obama is a constitutional law professor…who berates those who cling to their guns and Bibles…

    Thank you.

  2. The learning curve can be steep for bombers. He got the blow up part perfect, just needs a little tweaking on timing part. For sure he and all his buddies learned the lesson real good.

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