Packing in the kids like sardines in a can


So much for high-density transport!  Here’s how one Mongolian school (or perhaps a child-care center) does it.  Count the bodies as they emerge.  (If for any reason the video won’t play, you’ll find the source here.)

If I counted correctly, that was 35 kids – two in the front, the rest smooshed in somehow in the back!  I wouldn’t have believed it possible for a small vehicle like that to hold so many – let alone four adults as well . . .



  1. Have you ever been to the circus in Madison Square Garden and watched all those "small people" emerge from a tiny car?

  2. Well, obviously never been in the army (prior to health and safety madness), when you would slightly squeeze 25 persons with all their personal gear and weapons in a deuce and a half or underground mining where easily 7 grown men would fit in a toyota landcrusier all wearing W65s and cap lamp batteries (my hips have never been the same…LOL).

  3. I’ve hauled over 20 people in a Jeep CJ-5 a couple of times. Once had 2 sorority girls to my left while I drove in a parade with 24 total people on board.

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